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TOUR: Foodtown - Hazleton, PA

Thomas' Foodtown Owner: Tom Baseski Opened:  2006-2020 Previous Tenants:  ACME Markets (ca. 1960-1995) > Insalaco's (1995-1998) > Thomas' Family Markets (1998-2006) Later Tenants:  Key Food Supermarkets (2020- ) Cooperative:  Allegiance Retail Services Location:  1061 N Church St, Hazleton, PA Photographed:  November 19, 2019 We're here in the far northern part of Hazleton to tour the Foodtown of Hazleton! The roughly 22,000 square foot store was built as part of a combination indoor mall/strip mall just outside the city by ACME Markets in the 1960s before closing in 1995 and being sold to Insalaco's. Insalaco's closed in 1998, when Thomas' Family Markets moved in. In 2006, the store became a Foodtown, although ownership didn't change. Foodtown then closed in 2020, with Key Food moving in subsequently. Key Food now also has a second location in Hazleton, a Food Universe Marketplace in a former Save-A-Lot . That store was also built as an ACME. I&#

TOUR: Boyer's Food Markets - Hazleton, PA

Boyer's Food Markets Owner: Dean Walker Opened:  early 2000s Previous Tenants:  Sunshine Market (closed 1996) > Gerrity's ShurSave (1996-early 2000s) Location:  999 W 15th St, Hazleton, PA Photographed:  December 22, 2018 It's time for another Boyer's, this one in more of an urban location than they typically are! With a population of 29,000, Hazleton isn't a major city but it's definitely a sizeable town. This store also has some interesting history, having been built as an outpost of the local Sunshine Market chain, then closed by 1996 when it became a Gerrity's, which in turn appears to have sold the store to Boyer's in the mid 2000s. It's certainly a unique building, which I believe is thanks to Sunshine. The store has very obviously been expanded many times, bringing it to its current 26,000 square feet from the original 10,500 square foot space. In the picture above, it's not hard to tell where the store was expanded out to the right. T

TOUR: Boyer's Food Markets - McAdoo, PA

Boyer's Food Markets Owner: Dean Walker Opened:  ca. 1980s Previous Tenants:  unknown Location:  318 S Hancock St, McAdoo, PA Photographed:  November 29, 2019 For our first post back from summer break, we'll be checking out -- shocker -- a Boyer's in the Coal Region! We've seen quite a few Boyer's in the past few months, and there are a few more before we move on from this area. It's not clear who built this store, but we know that definitely from 1977 to 1988 (plus probably a little more time on either side) it was an IGA Foodliner owned by Nick Zukovich. At some point after that, Boyer's took it over (possibly when Boyer's was still IGA-affiliated, and they later switched to Great Valu before becoming completely independent). In fact, you can still kind of see the outline of the Great Valu lettering behind the Food Markets and Makes you feel so good! lettering. Heading in, this looks a lot like a lot of the other Boyer's of this generation we'