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TOUR: GIANT Food Stores - Plumsteadville, PA

GIANT Food Stores Opened: 2006 Previous Tenants:  Stewart's Thriftway (closed 1991) > Clemens (1991-2006) Location:  5835 Easton Rd, Plumsteadville, PA Photographed:  January 12, 2019 Contributor:  Lucas from Grocery Voice Thanks to Lucas from Grocery Voice (and A&P Preservation ) for today's pictures! He's given us a few sets of store photos we'll be seeing, as he lives out in this area. Today he's providing us a look at the GIANT Food Stores of Plumsteadville, PA, which was originally a Thriftway and then was purchased by Clemens in the 1990s. Although Clemens sold this store to GIANT in 2006, we still can tell the store was here, such as with the facade that looks nearly identical to the McCaffrey's in Blue Bell . Other signs are less subtle... The old Clemens lettering is still very clearly visible behind the GIANT sign on the main mall sign -- or at least was when Lucas took the pictures back in early 2019. The store has since been remodeled, per p

TOUR: GIANT Food Stores - Doylestown, PA

GIANT Food Stores Opened: 2021 Previous Tenants:  Kmart Location:  4375 Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA Photographed:  December 28, 2021 I've never been too big of a fan of the Ahold side of the Ahold Delhaize stores, although this new GIANT Food Store in Doylestown really might change that. This is one of the latest new GIANT stores, of which there have been quite a few. They've also been doing renovations of their existing stores, but as usual, the renovations are not nearly as impressive as the purpose-built stores like this one. Then again, this one was not built as a GIANT; instead, it opened with the strip mall in 1987 as a Kmart. GIANT moved from a former SuperFresh a few doors down. Let's take a tour of this beautiful store! The 70,000 square foot building contains a grand aisle on the left side, with a Starbucks in the front left corner, with produce and bakery on the left side and deli and prepared foods on the right side. Meat and seafood are on the back of the store,