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111 Hulst Dr, Matamoras, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Grand Union Address: 111 Hulst Dr, Matamoras, PA Opened:  1993 Closed:  2001 Later Tenants:  Grand Union Family Markets (2001-2004) Photographed:  February 3, 2021 Yesterday we saw a former Grand Union that has remained a supermarket since, and today, we're going to check out one that closed almost 20 years ago. The Westfall Town Center was originally built with a 115,000 square foot Kmart and a 40,000 square foot Grand Union. The latter was subdivided in 2004 with multiple tenants including a movie theater, and the former was subdivided in late 2021, with 73,000 square feet of it going to ShopRite. That replaced the now-closed Montague store  just two miles east across in New Jersey. Tomorrow we're headed to the other supermarket in Matamoras on The Market Report , which is also our last Pennsylvania store!

TOUR: Key Food Marketplace - Milford, PA

Key Food Marketplace Owner: Junior Dabashi Opened:  2013 Previous Tenants:  Grand Union (closed 2001) > Grand Union Family Markets (2001-2010) > Milford Farms (2010-2013) Cooperative:  Key Food Stores Location:  501 W Harford St, Milford, PA Photographed:  December 18, 2019 Today's store is one with quite a bit of history in the last few decades! The 22,000 square foot store was built as a Grand Union in approximately the 1970s, then closed in 2001 with the rest of the chain. This location was purchased by C&S Wholesale Grocers, who kept the store open under the Grand Union Family Markets banner. In 2010, the store was sold to a Key Food owner, who operated the store under the name Milford Farms but did not actually ever change the sign. Under GUFM and then Milford Farms, the store pretty seriously deteriorated. By 2013, the store had been sold within Key Food to the Dabashi family, who also own a similar former Grand Union store in Beacon, NY and another one (now Stop

TOUR: Lewis' Supermarket - Mountainhome, PA

Lewis' Supermarket Owner: Jerry Lewis Opened:  1946 previously, unknown in current location Cooperative:  none Location:  109 Oak Ln, Mountainhome, PA Photographed:  December 18, 2019 Welcome to the tiny town of Mountainhome, PA! This 9,000 square foot store opened back in 1946, and it's been here for quite some time although JoshAustin610 says it was an A&P until the 1980s. I'm not convinced, though, since the building looks an awful lot like this picture from an opening day long before the 1980s. In fact, if we do some very simple comparisons, apples were 39 cents for 2 pounds in the 1950s and 25 cents for 4 pounds on this store's opening day, making me think that the ad could be from back in 1946. In other words, I doubt this store was ever an A&P.  The store, while definitely old, is very nicely updated with new flooring and some new fixtures. It looks really nice! Worth noting that the outside was redone to its current appearance around 2008, and the ne

TOUR: ShopRite - Mount Pocono, PA

ShopRite of Mount Pocono Owner: Bill Bracey Opened: ca. 2005 Previous Tenants:  Ames > Bill's ShurSave Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  89 PA-940, Mount Pocono, PA Photographed:  January 15, 2021 Welcome to an extraordinarily foggy winter day at the Mount Pocono ShopRite! This 80,000 square foot store is one of three northeastern PA ShopRites owned by Bill's Supermarkets, the others being in Daleville and Moosic . The building was originally an Ames department store, and a Bill's ShurSave predated the ShopRite like the Daleville store. Bill's joined Wakefern after leaving ShurSave around 2005. We enter on the left side of the store to produce, with seafood, deli, and bakery at the back of the grand aisle. Meat lines the back wall with prepared foods and beer/wine in the front right corner. This store has a similar decor package to Daleville, but it's a bit on the older side. It looks like there's a combination of an older decor package and newer