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TOUR: Western Beef Supermarket - Graniteville, Staten Island, NY

Just shy of half a mile from yesterday's ShopRite is this Western Beef, which opened as a Waldbaum's. Around 2005, when Waldbaum's closed, Western Beef moved into the 52,000 square foot space from its older location to the west on Forest Avenue. Today, that property now holds a Harbor Freight Tools.
Western Beef's entrance is at the far left end of the storefront, leading shoppers into a spacious produce department. (This store has to be one of the largest Western Beef locations out there.) Deli is in an island that runs along the right side of the produce aisle, with seafood at the back of the first aisle and meat in a walk-in cooler along the back wall. Frozen is in the second-to-last aisle with dairy in the last aisle and bakery in the back corner.
Oh yeah, something about this store -- it's one of the brightest supermarkets I've ever been in. I returned to the store a while after photographing it to do some shopping at night, and it's positively blindi…

Snapshot: ShopRite - Graniteville, Staten Island, NY

This 60,000 square foot ShopRite, which is owned by Kevin Mannix, is located at the corner of east-west artery Forest Avenue and north-south artery Richmond Avenue. We've previously seen a Key Food way east on Forest Ave.
The store has recently gotten a simple exterior renovation, along with the rest of the mall it's in. Here's what it previously looked like.
Oddly enough, the store has SRS (Wakefern's corporately owned stores division) decor inside, which we can see here, though there are differences such as the flooring and aisle markers. Some departments seem to have gotten simple decor upgrades. That's about all for this store, come back tomorrow to tour this store's biggest competitor!

Photographed July 2018

TOUR: Met Foodmarkets - Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY

It's the return of Food Connection! We've seen this store before, which is owned by Bill Fani under his company Food Connection, but only as a quick snapshot. We're now returning for a full tour of the store! We have also seen Food Connection's Met Foods and Village Barn in Middle Village, NY.
Built as a barrel roof A&P, this store later became a Duane Reade pharmacy before reopening as a supermarket around 2009. It's just north of the SuperFresh, at the corner of Manor Road and Victory Blvd.
There is one entrance each at the front and rear of the store, with checkouts running along the wall we're looking at here. Produce lines the back wall, with deli/bakery and seafood lining the front wall. Meat runs along the wall opposite the one we're looking at, with aisles running parallel to the front and back walls.
The store is a little less than 10,000 square feet, and although it feels very cramped, it also has a huge selection.
Very nicely stocked aisles …

Look Inside: SuperFresh - Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY

In December 2018, the former CTown at 778 Manor Rd was reopened in short order as a SuperFresh owned by brothers Sam and Randy Abed, who also own another SuperFresh on Staten Island (plus one that has since closed); SuperFresh locations in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, Brooklyn; and a Key Food Marketplace in Bay Ridge.
The store first opened its doors in late December, having its offical grand opening the following May. I visited the store in the first or second week it was in business, and it was clearly at the very beginning but still a lot ahead of where CTown left the store.
Our look at this SuperFresh is a little shorter than our tour of the CTown because that coverage was very extensive. I just wanted to show how the store is doing now that it's under new ownership and has had some fixing up. Notice how much brighter the store looks -- it looks like the light fixtures are the same, but they all have new bulbs in them. Big difference.
Fully stocked produce with new cases and …