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Look Inside: The Fresh Grocer - North Haledon, NJ

The Fresh Grocer Owner:  David Maniaci / Nicholas Markets Opened:  2020 as The Fresh Grocer Previous Tenants:  A&P > Nicholas Foodtown Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  1068 High Mountain Rd, North Haledon, NJ Photographed:  July 2020 Can you believe that behind that facade is a Centennial A&P? Though I can't find the picture right now, it still looked like that when Nicholas Markets took over the store in the 1980s. It was a Foodtown from then until 2020, when it was officially converted from Foodtown to The Fresh Grocer. And if the store looks familiar, that's because we saw it back when it was a Foodtown in 2017. Because we've already had an extensive tour and the store doesn't look all that different on the inside, we're keeping this Look Inside fairly short. The store remains absolutely gorgeous on the inside and the outside. Notice the ShopRite-style seafood price signage and decals on the case which have

TOUR: ShopRite - Wyckoff, NJ

ShopRite of Wyckoff Owner:  Inserra Supermarkets Opened:  2019 Previous Tenants:  Stop & Shop > A&P Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  430 Greenwood Ave, Wyckoff, NJ Photographed:  August 2019 Announced as far back as 2010, this ShopRite replaced an A&P Futurestore that previously stood on the site. It finally opened in January 2019, despite a non-stop legal battle from Stop & Shop, which has a store just 400 feet away. The current ShopRite, which is owned by the Inserra family, is a new-build store and did not take the former A&P building , which sat abandoned for many years. The store is beautiful and certainly a step up from the nearby Stop & Shop. It's worth noting that the A&P was built as a Stop & Shop, which would've sold to A&P in the mid-1980s when Stop & Shop pulled out of New Jersey, before the newer Stop & Shop was built in the late 90s or early 2000s. (This is a subtlety that the N

49 W Allendale Ave, Allendale, NJ

Original Tenant: A&P Address: 49 W Allendale Ave, Allendale, NJ Opened:  1950s Closed:  1980s Later Tenants:  subdivided Photographed:  December 2020 Here's a look at the former A&P in Allendale, a Centennial model store that's in the Allendale Town Center. The 15,000 square foot store was replaced in the 1980s by a much larger Futurestore at the other end of the strip mall, which became an ACME in 2015. Take a look at it here on The Market Report ! This space still has the bones of the Centennial model, but it looked even more A&P-like before the exterior remodel . Tomorrow we're heading to the south to check out an independent supermarket in the next town south on The Independent Edition . Stay tuned!

TOUR: ACME Markets - Allendale, NJ

ACME Markets Opened: 2015 Previous Tenants:  A&P Location:  45 De Mercurio Dr, Allendale, NJ Photographed:  December 2020 Time for another Bergen County ACME that Acme Style also covered! See their coverage here , and our look at the former A&P just to the right of this store here . Clearly once a prime A&P, I do think ACME has let this store slip more than their other acquired stores, perhaps because, as Acme Style mentions, it appears to be a very low-volume store. It did seem the store was busier than at the time of their visit, but I visited this store just about an hour after being at Mahwah , which was absolutely packed while this one was just a little busy. The 38,000 square foot store is also rather small for its age, although that's understandable given the downtown location. As we'll see, some parts of the store are plenty spacious while some are very cramped. Heading in, we have produce in the front corner with Starbucks on the front wall just to the lef