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TOUR: ShopRite - Wissinoming, Philadelphia, PA

ShopRite of Bridge & Harbison Owner: Peter Ammons Opened:  2018 Previous Tenants:  none Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  5597 Tulip St, Wissinoming, Philadelphia, PA Photographed:  July 2021 Hello everybody, hope you had a great weekend! We are here in the southeastern part of Frankford, or what might be considered Wissinoming, just a block in from I-95 to tour what I believe is Philadelphia's newest ShopRite. (GIANT, LIDL, and ALDI are currently the big movers and shakers as far as building and opening new stores, while ShopRite/Fresh Grocer, ACME, and the others are fairly stagnant at the moment.) The Ammons family opened this roughly 80,000 square foot new-build ShopRite on a former industrial site in 2018. And I'm all for supporting small family businesses and mom and pop shops, but this neighborhood truly didn't have any supermarket at all prior to the ShopRite's opening. The other options include the famous Frankford Holiday Thriftway (closed 2016)

Snapshot: ACME Markets - Passyunk Square, Philadelphia, PA

ACME Markets Opened: 1970s Previous Tenants:  none Location:  1400 E Passyunk Ave, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA Photographed:  April 2022 Contributor:  L.D. We are spending a VERY short time here in South Philly for a look at one store -- and it's not even my own picture, so thanks to our contributor for this one! -- the ACME at 10th & Reed! Despite the fact that the store is referred to as the 10th & Reed location, its address isn't actually on either street. It's on Passyunk Avenue, which the store faces, but is where 10th and Reed both meet Passyunk. This was the second store to be remodeled post-Supervalu, and the first with a real Quality Built renovation ( Devon had what might be more accurately called the version of Heritage used in Jewel-Osco and Shaw's, not sure why that didn't stick with ACME). Acme Style visited this store back in 2014, and since then, there's been some light renovation with new fixtures and flooring going into som

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We are moving on to a loose collection of stores in a few neighborhoods along the eastern part of Philadelphia! For this next group, we begin in South Philadelphia and Fishtown for one stop each, before heading to the northeastern part of the city for Mayfair, then circling back in west for Frankford. (Oh, and if you're really picky, one stop in Wissinoming on the way, too.) By the way, a note on the map locations: those are very approximate, and most likely they're way closer together than they appear on the map, but there's only so close together I can put those little dots. In other words, the map is intended for representative purposes only and don't bring it out on your Philadelphia wilderness expedition and expect to be guided by it and a north star. Anyway, the Frankford/Mayfair neighborhoods, where we'll be spending most of our time, have some pretty interesting stores and we'll be taking a look at a couple former supermarkets around there too. It'll

TOUR: ACME Markets - University City, Philadelphia, PA

ACME Markets Opened: 2020 Previous Tenants:  The Fresh Grocer (2001-2020) Location:  4001 Walnut St, University City, Philadelphia, PA Photographed:  December 2021 It's time to tour the newest ACME! This supermarket opened in 2001 as a location of Philadelphia-based The Fresh Grocer, which closed in 2020 after the supermarket's landlord, the University of Pennsylvania, chose not to renew their lease. My guess is that ACME probably saw an opportunity here to jump in, offer more money, and turn this store into one of their flagship locations. UPenn terminated The Fresh Grocer's lease in 2016 after The Fresh Grocer didn't renew it on time, and announced in 2017 that ACME would be replacing The Fresh Grocer. After a lengthy legal struggle, The Fresh Grocer closed in 2020. ACME renovated the store rather quickly, and from what I remember (I visited The Fresh Grocer around 2015), they totally redid the whole store's interior. The Fresh Grocer was mazelike and dingy, whi