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The Market Report's Summer Break!

It's time to hit the beaches because it's The Market Report's summer break! It's a little late in the season I know, but we'll be taking this week off. Come back on Monday, September 2 for a new group of stores!

Look Inside: ACME Markets - Fort Lee, NJ

I visited the ACME in Fort Lee back in May 2016 before the Quality Built remodel. It's a store that Acme Style has extensively covered , so I'm going to keep my own coverage fairly brief. It's a store that clearly was beautiful, but is definitely showing its age in many places. I don't know how it's doing now, since I haven't been back since Quality Built came in. The store is in a somewhat awkward arrangement, so the building had to be customized to face in two different directions. Check that out, a miniature version of the facade on the monument sign! It looks great, although because the ACME is pretty much the only thing in this complex (well, except for Valley National Bank), the lower signs are all advertising services in the supermarket. The top right one would have advertised A&P's liquor department. Hmm... paint needs a little help here. As Acme Style notes, there's a very substantial floral department here. Prepared foods a

Snapshot: Grand Union (former) - Wayne, NJ

As usual, my information here comes from Josh Austin . This store started as a 1950s-era Grand Union that closed by the mid-80s with CVS opening shortly thereafter. The store is located at 2440 Hamburg Tpk, Wayne, NJ. Photographed August 2019

Look Inside: Super Supermarket - Paterson, NJ

Today we're going to take a look inside Paterson, NJ's first new-build supermarket since the 1970s. The Super Supermarket opened in 2014 and is the flagship Super location. We've also seen an older location in Orange ( twice ) and briefly looked at the Newark location. The Paterson location is the only new-build store in the group. I couldn't very well capture the exterior of the store because it's large and somewhat strangely-positioned, but you can see a better view on Google Maps. The front end faces this wall (Main St) with produce running along the parking lot side. Deli is in an island facing produce, and meat and seafood are on the back wall with frozen and dairy at the far end of the store. Because the store was a new build, there were a lot of customizations that Super did to the building and the property, such as these Super Supermarket (SSM)-branded fences. It's a pretty extensive look at the exterior, but a pretty short look at

Snapshot: Whole Foods Market - Montclair, NJ

Today's Snapshot is a really interesting store. It started out as a Food Fair that closed by the 1970s and became a Consumer's Distributing catalog store until the early 90s, when it became a Fresh Fields natural food store. Whole Foods bought out the chain later, and it became one of their smaller stores then. Thanks to Josh Austin and Styertowne over on Flickr for the info ! I love the look of pretty much any supermarket built in the 1950s. This one is no exception! The store really fits in to downtown Montclair, although it is on the west end of the town. Many 1950s supermarkets were located way outside of the downtown areas, so that's a little unusual. The store is located at 701 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ. Photographed September and November 2016

Snapshot: Giant Food - Bethlehem, PA

Today we have a quick snapshot of a Giant Food in Bethlehem. I've been inside here, but that was before I started photographing supermarkets. When I returned, I was only going by and didn't have time (or enough interest) to go inside. Giant Food stores tend to be pretty boring in my opinion. This store is located at 3926 Linden St, Bethlehem, PA. Interestingly enough, it was previously a ShopRite which appears to have been owned by Big V Supermarkets before they went bankrupt and Wakefern exited the Lehigh Valley. (I believe there was also at least one ShopRite owned by the Saker family in the Lehigh Valley.) We previously toured the newer ShopRite of Bethlehem here . This location closed as ShopRite in 2002 and opened as Giant in 2003. Photographed September 2016

TOUR: Food Lion - Shepherdstown, WV

For today's store tour, we're traveling pretty far away from the New Jersey stores we've been seeing for this one in West Virginia just over the river from Maryland. My first impression was that this store feels like a Grand Union, with the brick storefront, slight arch, and slanted green awning. However, it was never a Grand Union and it was, as far as I know, a Food Lion for its whole life. You can enter on either end, but the store's normal flow takes you to the produce department in the front right corner. Frozen foods line the right side with meat on the back wall and beer in the back left corner. Deli/bakery are in the front corner, with customer service oddly right smack in the middle of the front end. You can see how the produce department only takes up the front corner here. And although it's small, it's a pretty nice produce department. I have to say, this decor (which Food Lion appears to no longer use) looks very nice here. I'm not