Friday, November 30, 2018

TOUR: Met Foods - Sunset Park

On the next block south of Mi Pueblito and AM1, but across the street, there is a small but full Met Foodmarket.
Met and Pioneer two blocks north are the two major supermarket competitors in this neighborhood, and although they are both run by Metropolitan City Foods (formerly DiGiorgio/White Rose), they appear to have different owners.
You enter on the left side with produce and dairy in the first aisle, meat along the back wall, butcher in an island in the first aisle, frozen in the last aisle, and a deli in the front corner here (where the deli sign is).
Unlike Pioneer, this Met was renovated recently, ca. 2013.
Although the store is clearly an older supermarket, it has been nicely upgraded with new fixtures in most areas. And this is clearly the place to be if you need soda crackers.
This store had a Latin radio station on, which at the time of my visit played the remix of Despacito featuring Justin Bieber. That's not even really Latin music anymore!
Great vegetables.
Dairy at the back of the first aisle. Although the store is nicely renovated, it's a little cluttered, as you can see here.
Butcher counter at the back of the first aisle.
The meat service counter continues around to face the back wall of the store, shown to the left here.
I appreciate the fact that the flooring is consistent throughout, and in rather good condition. Plus, it's a little more attractive than the standard white tile.
If you zoom in, you'll see that the sauce selection ranges from organic tamari (a special type of soy sauce) to sriracha to tahini to good old Frank's Red Hot.
A well-stocked aisle featuring just about everything you'd need from seltzer to dustpans to...more soda crackers!
Freezer cases and nonfoods in the last aisle.
Looking towards the back of the store.
...and towards the front.
Nice deli and fresh baked local bread in the front. Customer service is around the corner from the deli. Because the store's lighting is newly-installed LED and the front windows are very large, the whole store feels very bright and open.
Some more upscale touches in this store, like fresh bread and whole-bean coffee, as seen here.
Four registers seems to be the going rate around here.
Actually, five if you count customer service.
PRE-POSTING UPDATE: As of early November 2018, this store has closed and been replaced by an Ideal Food Basket.

Met Foodmarkets

5817 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Mon-Sat 8AM-10PM, Sun 8AM-9PM and
(718) 492-9348
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Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Market Report Introduces Online Store!

Following the model of A&P Preservation's online store (see the blog here and the store here - UPDATE: links have been corrected!), The Market Report is pleased to introduce its online store just in time for the winter holidays! We have a selection of merchandise including men's and women's t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, hoodies, socks, bags, mugs, phone cases, and stickers. The store will be updated periodically with new merchandise.
Check it out -- the perfect gifts for any supermarket fan! You can click on the picture above to visit the store, or use the link

Snapshot: AM1 Grocery - Sunset Park

Another small greengrocer/butcher shop is actually located on the same block as Mi Pueblito, called AM1 Grocery.
AM1's address is 5724 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY.
Like many urban greengrocers, AM1 makes full use of its sidewalk space. In Korean, these sidewalk display tables are called jwadae. (However, I don't know the ethnicity of AM1's owner or owners.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Snapshot: Mi Pueblito Market - Sunset Park

Mi Pueblito Market is at 5712 5th Ave between 58th and 57th St.
Unlike many city greengrocers, Mi Pueblito has a full butcher along with its produce selection.
 Interesting Spanglish on the (very tall) awning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

TOUR: Pioneer - Sunset Park

We're crossing the street from Mini Market Max to check out a Pioneer supermarket on the western side of 5th Ave between 57th and 58th St. Pioneer is in the middle of the block, but it's New York City, so we can jaywalk.
Pioneer appears to be an institution in the neighborhood. I have no evidence that it's been anything else in recent history -- say, the last 20 years. The store has, as we'll soon see, been a supermarket for at least the last 50-60 years.
The entrance is on the right side of the storefront.
You can't miss the red, white, and blue awning. I'm not sure I love the blue -- red awnings generally look pretty good.
But the storefront does look well-maintained, if not newly redone. I was expecting a significantly more modern store than the Pioneer in Jersey City based on the outside...
The carts, which are stored inside, all match, which is nice. The first aisle, strangely enough, is frozen and dairy, which also continues along the back wall. Meats line the rest of the back wall with produce actually in the last aisle and in the front of the store.
Wow! So the blue awning might not be my favorite, but it sure matches the interior of this store!
Upon closer inspection, we find a mix of very old and very new fixtures. The black shelving on the left here, for instance, is brand-new, while the freezer cases are rather elderly.
Looking back up towards the entrance. One thing that's worth mentioning that hit me about this store as soon as I came up to it is how clean everything is. Yes, clean as in not dirty, but there is also ZERO junk or clutter. Even the carts are neatly lined up inside the store.
Here's a look along the back wall of the store. Notice a combination of old and new cases, again. There's really no decor on the walls, but everything that is on the walls is probably from at least the 70s -- maybe even more like the 50s.
The milk case, strangely enough, is set up like an endcap. The cases may have been repainted at some point.
Some, maybe not!
Again, we see a mix of new (left) and old (right) shelving, in an absolutely spotless aisle.
The aisle markers are also probably from at least the 70s, if not before.
Although ice cream is along the back wall near the first aisle, the rest of frozen is in the last aisle along with produce.
We're looking toward the back wall here with the left-side wall to the left. Plenty of pet food nicely stocked!
You can see where produce begins to the right in the front.
Very small produce department, but it actually has a pretty good selection.
I do think, though, that the space could be used more efficiently if multiple types of apples, for instance, were stocked in the same row in this case. Or if they used those baskets that would allow multiple types of produce to be stocked in a single-tier dump case.
Look, decor! A single sign that says Produce! Here we're looking from the entrance along the front-end of the store.

Pioneer Supermarket

5612 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Sun-Thurs 8AM-7PM, Fri-Sat 8AM-8PM
(718) 439-6144
My Rating: ☆☆