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Snapshot: ALDI - Penn Yan, NY

ALDI Opened:  unknown Previous Tenants:  none Location:  204 Liberty St, Penn Yan, NY Photographed:  August 2020 Quick look today at the ALDI just south of town (or 900 feet from yesterday's Tops ). I caught the 15,000 square foot store having been freshly renovated in May of 2020. I don't think there's all that much to say about this store, but if you want to see inside an equivalent store, check out the Livingston location here . Tomorrow's store will be a former supermarket just down the street over on Grocery Archaeology !

TOUR: Tops Friendly Markets - Penn Yan, NY

Tops Friendly Markets Opened:  2010 Previous Tenants:  P&C Foods Location:  321 Liberty St, Penn Yan, NY Photographed:  August 2020 It's time for our final Tops tour of the Finger Lakes! We're at the northeastern tip of Keuka Lake in the largest town on the lake, Penn Yan, where we saw an independent store yesterday. Keuka Lake is different from the other Finger Lakes because it's Y-shaped. At the northeastern corner is Penn Yan, with Branchport (where we're headed next) at the northwestern corner, and Hammondsport at the southern tip. Yet another Tops converted from P&C, just like Skaneateles , Waterloo , and Watkins Glen . This one is much like Skaneateles as it's very recently renovated and looking great, and at 38,000 square feet, it's a fairly large supermarket. Ah, I love the fire exit floor plans! You enter in the bottom left to produce in the front left corner. Deli lines the back part of the first aisle with bakery at the

TOUR: Tops Friendly Markets - Watkins Glen, NY

Tops Friendly Markets Opened:  2010 Previous Tenants:  ACME Markets > P&C Foods Location:  504 S Franklin St Photographed:  August 2020 It's time for another Tops tour! This one was also a P&C Foods, but unlike Skaneateles , it has not been remodeled inside. Famous for its State Park-encompassed gorge  (which is, by the way, unlike anything you'll ever see elsewhere but also frequently too crowded to enjoy) and racetrack , Watkins Glen is also home to this 43,000 square foot former P&C that actually has a 1950s-era ACME buried in there under that new facade. Side note, if you are a lover of ACME Markets history and miss Acme Style , make sure to check out the new Reddit forum created by longtime Acme Style contributor Rob Ascough! It seems that Watkins Glen gets a lot of tourist traffic through it for those attractions, which probably is one of the reasons Tops hasn't renovated this store. Tourists staying in this immediate area ar

TOUR: Big M Supermarkets - Ovid, NY

Ovid Super Market Owner:  Suzanne Cirencione Opened:  1970 Previous Tenants:  Unknown Cooperative:  Big M Supermarkets Location:  7174 Main St, Ovid, NY Photographed:  August 2020 Now onto our second look at a Finger Lakes Big M store! (See the Bloomfield location here .) This store recently changed ownership and has been fixed up a bit. Today, it's looking very good, compared to how it looked in 2007 . The 12,000 square foot store appears to have been expanded very much from its original approximately 4600 square feet. It's recently been remodeled lightly with new roofing and awning outside, plus new flooring inside as we'll see. We enter to a small but very nice produce department in the first aisle. Notice the new flooring and updated produce bins. Looking back up towards the front wall of the store. Customer service is just around the corner at the far side of the produce case in the expansion, with chips and beverages in the back par