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TOUR: ShopRite - LaGrangeville, NY

ShopRite of LaGrangeville
Owner: SRS (ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.)
Opened: 2016
Previous Tenants: A&P
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 1643 NY-82, LaGrangeville, NY
Photographed: May 2016
I'm frequently surprised at how small some of these new SRS ShopRites are, and this one is only 47,000 square feet. It was, however, formerly an A&P and I visited right after opening in 2016. So be warned, these are bad old cell phone photos.
I am forever perplexed by the decision to not use the ShopRite logo on the newer storefronts. Like this. Plus, ShopRite kept A&P's green facade here but made the questionable decision of placing red lettering on it instead of white lettering, which seems it would make more sense. Anyway, this was the first store I visited with the new prototype of decor, which we've now seen in Thornwood and Mohegan Lake. I was very impressed with how it transforms this former A&P space, even when A&P remnants are still present, including the layout. Produce lines the first aisle, with floral in the front corner. Deli and seafood are at the back of the first aisle, with meats running along the back wall. Bakery is in the back corner at the end of the last aisle, with beer in the front of the last aisle.
Looking along the front of the store from the entrance. If I remember correctly, natural foods line the grocery aisle facing produce and the next aisle.
Service floral in the front corner.
The decor is outstanding, and I remember thinking as much when I saw it here for my first time.
As you can see, the produce department is much like Mohegan Lake's. However, this store does not have service counters running along the side wall.
All the fixtures in the produce department look to have been replaced, but we'll see some A&P remnants elsewhere.
A very nice way to incorporate more selection into a smaller produce department size.
Transitioning to service departments at the back of the first aisle. Notice in the top right that A&P's ceiling features remain, although the ceiling has been painted throughout the store, with dark gray in the produce aisle and white in the rest of the store. Good decision, as A&P's beige ceilings really made their stores dingy.
Deli in the back of the produce aisle, very nicely renovated.
Here along the back aisle, we do find A&P floor and frozen cases in the middle of the store, which is an A&P layout feature. Also, the boxes along the top of the wall to the right are left from A&P.
New decor on the walls, but the cases are left from A&P. The panel above the cases has been replaced with wood texture.
Natural foods in the first aisle, branded as Live Right. For whatever reason, Thornwood didn't have the Live Right branding.
Nice real wood signs hanging from the ceiling here.
Very hard to tell whether anything much has changed in the grocery aisles. They still have an A&P feeling to them. The floor is nondescript enough that it could be new, or it could be just a refinished A&P floor.
Bakery in the back corner opposite the grand aisle. Notice the A&P flooring and ceiling elements remain here, but the dairy cases have been replaced.
Nice 3D bakery sign.
A&P flooring remains in the front of the store. It actually works very nicely with this decor. Customer service is between the entrance and exit; this store does not have a pharmacy.
That's all for this ShopRite, a very nice remodel of a former A&P!


  1. Not too surprising that they are a bit smaller, A&P always seemed to be a few square feet behind most of the chains in their stores.

    That idea of the first aisle being all natural was around at least from the time they moved back into the Albany market (the first of which is the Niskayuna store you have posted, that being the only one of the now 5 there that was a reused store - the others were all new builds). However, several of those stores have since eliminated that aisle for other things (Albany, for instance made a double wide bargains aisle).

    They have also stuck with the layouts in other locations they reoccupied (such as the former Price Chopper in Hudson that they moved into a couple years ago, which has frozen then about 2 or 3 "regular" aisles then dairy on the left side - so not completely in the middle but not right near a side (save a single dairy with still some frozen) as their own built ones are).

    This one was one of 3 A&P in reasonable proximity - the other two (Pleasant Valley and Hopewell) became Acme and this "in between" one they apparently didn't find useful so ShopRite hopped in (the three are probably 15 minutes apart via 82, the Taconic and 44).

    1. Interesting that the acquired stores kept their previous layouts. Would this store's natural aisle have been A&P's HABA department?

      Thanks for the rest of the history!

  2. Good question - it may have been. I was in this one when it was A&P but only a couple times. Or maybe they did more as others do and had stuff connected to produce (like dressings and such) facing produce.

    1. Yep, I've seen both in A&P layouts of this era, but now that I think about it the HABA in the first aisle was a slightly later development, in the late 90s/early 00s models like Oak Ridge more than these earlier 90s models. Could've been either way, though.


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