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Update: Ideal Food Basket - Bethlehem, PA

Ideal Food Basket Owner: Juan Diaz Opened:  April 28, 2023 Previous Tenants:  Food Fair (closed 1979) > Food Lane (1979-2001) > Ahart's Market (2001-2021) Cooperative:  America's Food Basket Location:  410 Montclair Ave, South Side, Bethlehem, PA Photographed:  April 10, 2023 Contributor:  Lucas Finzi The Ideal Food Basket in the former Bethlehem Ahart's opened yesterday. Our friend Lucas was on-site a few weeks ago to check out the store in its final phases of preparation right before it opened, and we see that Ideal did a major renovation on the place, inside and out. While I haven't gotten to the store since my recent coverage, I'm hoping to check it out this summer. In the meantime, you can see a few pictures from WFMZ from Allentown, and Lucas might be able to return to get some interior photos before I can! As you can see, the entire property has been transformed, and if you look at the WFMZ pictures, you can see absolutely nothing is left over form

TOUR: Weis Markets - Tannersville, PA

Weis Markets Opened: 2009 Previous Tenants:  Insalaco's (1994-1996) > Bi-Lo (1996-1999) > Mr. Z's (2000-2009) Location:  2836 PA-611, Tannersville, PA Photographed:  January 15, 2021 Tannersville is a small town, but it does have a large supermarket -- this Weis, which has been expanded to around 63,000 square feet, from an original 45,000 square foot or so store which opened in 1994 as an Insalaco's, later Bi-Lo and then Mr. Z's, which along with all of the other Mr. Z's was ultimately converted to Weis in 2009. More recently, the outside has been remodeled, but used to look much more like the 90s Insalaco's. The interior was renovated with a simple and early of the Fresh Market decor, likely when the store was switched from Mr. Z's to Weis. We can tell the store is older, partially by the low ceiling and the older fixtures, but it's been fixed up a bit. Although it is definitely an older Weis, it's in very good shape and looks clean and bri

TOUR: GIANT Food Stores - Bartonsville, PA

GIANT Food Stores Opened: 2009 Previous Tenants:  none Location:  65 PA-611, Bartonsville, PA Photographed:  January 15, 2021 It's time for another GIANT! This is a relatively newly-renovated store and I must say, in my opinion one of the more attractive stores with this decor package. As we'll see, this is a more deluxe remodel than Hellertown received, but to me this decor package is still too boring. The layout is fairly standard, beginning with the beer & wine department in the front right corner of the store. Produce is in the first aisle with deli/prepared foods at the back of the produce department. Meat and seafood are on the back wall with dairy/frozen at the far left side and bakery in the front left corner. I would say the backlit signs really work, but we need something more. The decor is far too monochromatic around the store. Especially since this store's renovation involved basically painting what was already there, it looks sloppy in departments that p

TOUR: ShopRite - Stroudsburg, PA

ShopRite of Stroudsburg Owner: Robert Sumas / Village Super Market Opened:  2019 Previous Tenants:  Bon-Ton Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  344 Stroud Mall Rd, Stroudsburg, PA Photographed:  November 29, 2019 Welcome to the largest Village Super Market-owned ShopRite! At nearly 88,000 square feet, this massive former Bon-Ton department store was transformed in 2019 into the new ShopRite of Stroudsburg. We saw the old store a few days ago, and the difference is amazing.  The space has been completely transformed inside and out (see the "before" and some more history on the space here ), and now has entrances on the corner facing away from the indoor mall. As we'll see, there's also access to and from the store from the indoor mall. When we enter on the corner, we turn right to enter the grand aisle which runs along the front of the store. Produce is in the front part of the grand aisle, with bakery, seafood, beer/wine, and the barbecue counter on the lef