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TOUR: ACME Markets - Blairstown, NJ

ACME Markets Opened: 2015 Previous Tenants:  A&P (1990s-2015) Location:  152 NJ-94, Blairstown, NJ Photographed:  January 2021 & June 2021 Our first stop in the Hunterdon-Warren area is in northwestern Warren county in an area that feels an awful lot like Sussex County, where we just left. Blairstown is roughly 13 miles to the northwest of Hackettstown, where we'll be headed in a few days. This store is just outside what might be considered downtown Blairstown (not a large town but not a crazy small one either with roughly 6000 people), and route 94 here is fairly remote for a large supermarket like ACME. It's about five miles north from route 80, the major interstate through the area. This store was built as an A&P in the 1990s to replace an older 1960s-era location just east on 94, which you can see here . This small town also has another grocery store, Dale's Market , whose Branchville location we saw not long ago. I first visited the store in January of 20

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We've finished Sussex County and we are moving on to the next group of northwestern/central western  NJ counties! This area is so sparsely populated that, in fact, the population of the two counties combined is roughly the same as the combined populations of the cities of Paterson and Passaic (in Passaic County) -- with roughly 73 times  the land area. That's why we're going to spend a little under three weeks covering most, but not all, of the supermarkets in these counties. Note that Warren County, which is the northern one in the map of the two above, does not contain Warren Township where we saw a Kings and an ACME a while back. We'll be starting in Blairstown which is just about 12 miles due west of Andover as the crow flies, then winding through Hackettstown (the second-largest town in Warren County, population 9700), Mansfield, Independence, Belvidere (the county seat of Warren County), Washington, Hampton (our first stop in Hunterdon), Califon, Clinton, Readi

Update: Foodtown - Bloomfield, NJ

Super Foodtown of Bloomfield Owner: Jack Shakoor / Jack's Supermarkets Opened:  2015 Previous Tenants:  none Cooperative:  Allegiance Retail Services Location:  296 Glenwood Ave, Bloomfield, NJ Photographed:  December 2021 My first round of pictures from the Foodtown in Bloomfield was taken way back in May 2016 , several cell phones ago, so the quality is not wonderful. I finally returned for the first time in many years to shop here on the day after Christmas 2021 and I had forgotten how much I like this store. (The Caldwell Jack's Foodtown is much closer to me, so I frequently end up shopping there when I want a Foodtown.) But I came back to Bloomfield and there have been a few changes, and I thought I'd use that as an excuse to re-photograph the whole store and basically do an updated store tour. One of the updates that we do see is that the sushi counter has been moved out of the deli counter to the front end beyond the registers, in between the entrance/exit doors. T