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TOUR: Key Food Marketplace - Fairview, NJ

A former Food Basics, this store reopened in early spring 2016 as a Kevin Kim-owned Key Food Marketplace. It's actually a former Centennial A&P as seen in the following Google Maps view: You can see that the part of the mall that runs perpendicular to the street was an expansion. The A&P would have co-anchored with WT Grant that later became CH Martin where CVS is now (at the far left end of the mall). The store in the corner was an A&P until around 2009, when it was renovated into a Food Basics, actually decreasing the sales floor size. A 2009 Google Maps street view reveals the store's former appearance. The space towards the end was an Auto Zone, which has closed. Key Food Marketplace today operates as a Superfresh, as part of Key Food's efforts to condense all of their suburban NJ operations into the Superfresh banner. The new owners have reopened service meat, seafood, deli, and hot food counters, and have added a juice bar and a sushi bar, which