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Food Fair - Spring Valley, NY

Welcome to today's version of a Food Fair! No, it's not the Food Fair you're thinking of. It's part of a three-store, local chain with locations in Paterson, NJ and Spring Valley, NY (this one), along with a new one in the Bronx. This particular location is located in an indoor mall that's still under construction (renovation, not building new), and replaced a Foodmart International. At 30,000 square feet, this store isn't huge, but is called a Wholesale Fresh Market. So they mean it's a warehouse store where you can get big quantities of food in a no-frills environment for low prices.

Heading in, you enter a hallway before turning left to enter the produce department, which is quite large.

The exit is on the right above.
Seafood, meat, and dairy are all along the back wall, with deli/bakery/hot foods along the front  end opposite the exit.

I don't know what any of these are or what you do with them, but they look cool!

Looking back towards the entrance.

The first aisle is double-wide with the ever-present "Wall of Values" to the right, backing up to produce.

The grocery aisles use high, red warehouse shelving. The aisles are plenty wide.

Past the service meat counter, the left-side wall becomes mostly dairy and meat is in cases to the right. The last aisle is more dairy, frozen foods, and bakery.

It's hard to tell whether they bake in-store here, but it's entirely possible. The deli counter is past bakery, with hot food and customer service next.

And as you might expect, a value store like this had a large selection of America's Choice water from the old A&P stores!

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market is a nice, large, and spacious ethnic store, with good prices and good selection, although neither is outstanding. It is a kind of unique format, though, an ethnic warehouse store, which Western Beef and Universal have both attempted.

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market

175 E Central Ave, Spring Valley, NY 10977
Open Daily 7AM-10PM

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