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TOUR: Cherry Valley Marketplace - Corona, NY

We're here towards the south end of Corona to see the third A&E Supermarket Group-owned store in the neighborhood. See my coverage of the southern City Fresh Market here, and a look at the northern location here. Unlike most A&E stores, this one was previously a CTown, so it probably was under different ownership. Nearly all of the A&E stores were previously operated under the Associated/Met/Pioneer/Compare brands.
Immediately inside the door to the left, we have a bakery/deli/hot food department. (Great hot food by the way, I had lunch here.) The seating area is at the very front of the produce department, which extends behind the deli area (to the right in the above picture). We can clearly see the store's heritage in the CTown decor still on the walls.
Although it's not a huge store, the high ceilings make the produce department feel very wide-open.
Customer service is on the opposite side of the entrance from the deli. (This is not CTown decor.)
While this…

Snapshot: City Fresh Market - Corona South, NY

Today's Snapshot is for sure not one of the better-looking City Fresh Market stores (see Union City or Starrett City), but even though it's certainly older and smaller, it's still quite nice inside (see here, here, and here).
While driving by, I was unable to grab a picture that showed the whole name. We get two "City Fres" and one "ity Fresh." Sorry.
This store was previously an Associated (or is that a Ssociated Supermarket?). A&E also owns two other stores here in Corona, one up at 103rd Street and 39th Ave, along with a Cherry Valley Marketplace at Junction Blvd and Corona Ave, which we'll see in a few days. Both are larger than this City Fresh, and both have been renovated more recently. This store is located at 45-02 Junction Blvd, Corona, Queens.

Photographed July 2018

Snapshot: Food Bazaar - Corona North, NY

Just two blocks south of yesterday's Food Bazaar, there is a second Food Bazaar. At about 20,000 square feet, the store is a relatively large size but it does not have a parking lot.
This location was previously a Food Dimensions (see the Bushwick West post for some background on that chain). It's located at 35-60 Junction Blvd, Corona.
You can see how the store has been remodeled and expanded many times. Now the front wall faces this side (37th Avenue), although Food Dimensions' storefront and entrance faced Junction Blvd.

Photographed July 2018

TOUR: Food Bazaar - Jackson Heights, NY

Now for our second Food Bazaar tour in these neighborhoods. (See Long Island City, an amazing store, here.) And although this store does have the same decor package as the LIC location, it's less than 1/3 of the size, at close to 20,000 square feet.
As we've done previously, we're taking a look at some murals around the store before heading in.
The older mural, Diversity Inspires Unity, faces the Junction Blvd side of the store. The back of the store, facing 34th Rd, has a newer mural about drunk driving.
Moving towards the entrance, we see some nice signage promoting the store...
Quite a few windows are covered as the store uses every inch of wall space for merchandise on the inside. It's very nice that they cover them in these graphics rather than just putting the cases in front of them, as we sometimes see.
My visit coincided with Food Bazaar's 30th anniversary (1988-2018). Now heading in, we see similarities to the LIC Food Bazaar, although this store is clear…