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TOUR: Food Bazaar - Jackson Heights, NY

Now for our second Food Bazaar tour in these neighborhoods. (See Long Island City, an amazing store, here.) And although this store does have the same decor package as the LIC location, it's less than 1/3 of the size, at close to 20,000 square feet.
As we've done previously, we're taking a look at some murals around the store before heading in.
The older mural, Diversity Inspires Unity, faces the Junction Blvd side of the store. The back of the store, facing 34th Rd, has a newer mural about drunk driving.
Moving towards the entrance, we see some nice signage promoting the store...
Quite a few windows are covered as the store uses every inch of wall space for merchandise on the inside. It's very nice that they cover them in these graphics rather than just putting the cases in front of them, as we sometimes see.
My visit coincided with Food Bazaar's 30th anniversary (1988-2018). Now heading in, we see similarities to the LIC Food Bazaar, although this store is clearly on a much smaller scale.
Produce in the front of the first aisle, with meat and seafood in the back.
Interesting that compared to LIC, the seafood department is much smaller but its sign is much larger...
Still quite a sizable seafood department though.
The meat department is behind the produce/seafood area...
Packaged meats and some dairy continue along the back wall of the store. Slight floor patches around here. The produce department has been scraped back to the concrete, which looks good.
"100 Food Bazaar Street" is aisle 1.
And although this is one of the largest supermarkets in the area (maybe the largest in Jackson Heights?), it's still only about 20,000 square feet. So the aisles are pretty narrow.
Ice cream and frozen foods in the back corner, with dairy and cold cuts in the last aisle.
Cramped last aisle, with a deli-bakery in the front corner.
You name it, they probably have it. Colombian empanadas, Greek spinach pie, Latin American fresh cheeses.
And the famous $2 Italian bread. Sometimes 2/$3.
Beautiful in-store bakery, which is unusual for a store of this size.
And that about wraps up our tour of the Junction Food Bazaar! Here's a commercial that shows the store before the renovation (back when they still called this particular one the Junction Food Bazaar).
Come back tomorrow for a Snapshot of another Food Bazaar!

Food Bazaar Supermarket

34-20 Junction Blvd
Photographed July 2018