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TOUR: Met Fresh Supermarket - White Plains, NY

If this store's exterior looks vaguely familiar, that's because we've actually toured this exact store before! Okay, it was back in our first trip through Westchester , in August 2017. I first visited this store back in February 2017 when it was the independent Greenside Market. Greenside closed in late 2018 with new owners taking over in early 2019 and gut-renovating the store. When I visited in March 2019, the store was still in its soft-opening phase, with permanent exterior signage yet to be installed ( it has since ). Now we've already seen Greenside, but I'm going to include some of those pictures in this post to do a kind of before-and-after comparison. 2017 2019 Grand opening festivities aside, the store has little change outside. As we'll see, this is not the case inside. All new cases in the produce department, which still lines the left side of the store. Beer is still in the back corner, with meats on the back wall, though there is no

TOUR: Balducci's Food Lover's Market - Scarsdale, NY

This 9300 square foot gourmet market is located very close to yesterday's Seasons , but it's a little hard to get to from the other mall as you cross a street and an overpass to get between them. Balducci's is a standby gourmet store owned by Parsippany, NJ-based Kings Food Markets , though while Kings tends to operate 20,000 square foot upscale supermarkets (to generalize), Balducci's stores are half the size and far more gourmet-centered. I've gotta say, this is not my type of store but man is it beautiful. Top-notch decor and presentation throughout the whole store. That said, the quality is unremarkable and most of the prices are just out of control. The store is set up so that you walk through it kind of in a horseshoe, starting at the bottom right with produce, then passing through deli, meat, and seafood, with dairy at the back, and the left side of the horseshoe being grocery, bakery, and checkouts. Tile flooring makes for a very nice touch, and

TOUR: Seasons Supermarket - Scarsdale, NY

Seasons Supermarkets, a troubled Brooklyn-based Kosher supermarket chain emerged from bankruptcy  under a new owner in early 2019, and part of the turnaround effort was a new 12,000 square foot location in Scarsdale, NY, replacing a former Gristedes. Located in the back corner of a strip mall that's already hard to see from the road, this store's location may prove to be a tough challenge to overcome as the store was deserted at the time of my visit. It does seem to be the only Kosher supermarket in the area, though it's also a traffic light away from a Balducci's that we'll be touring tomorrow. I think it's pretty fair to assume there's nothing left from Gristedes inside. You enter and turn right along the front wall to enter the produce department in the front right corner, with bakery continuing along the rest of the right side wall. Deli is in an island facing that. In a slightly strange arrangement, seafood is on the back wall near deli and bak