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TOUR: Shop Fair Supermarkets - Getty Square, Yonkers, NY

An exceedingly strangely-shaped 22,000 square foot former department store on New Main Street in Yonkers opened in October 2018 as an excellent and reliable publication reported. The store is owned by Alex Guzman, whose Valley Stream location we've seen previously. It's only 1000 feet from the Greenway Plaza ShopRite.
This store does not have a private parking lot, but backs up to an enormous public lot. Enormous like almost 3 acres. We're going to tour this beautiful store from the front entrance. You enter to deli-bakery-coffee shop in the front right corner. Produce lines the front half of the right aisle, with butcher on the right side wall about halfway to the back. Meats line the rest of the first aisle, with seafood at the back corner. There are a few checkouts on the back wall where there's an entrance and exit, with dairy and frozen in the last aisle. The rest of the checkouts line the front wall.
Like Valley Stream, the deli-bakery-coffee shop is a huge anchor for the store. It takes up this entire corner.
Gorgeous deli counter with hot food at the far end. Produce lines the facing side of the aisle.
Like Valley Stream, the produce department is excellent. Solid international and organic selections too.
Guzman and the store's management have spared no expense in outfitting this store. I believe the store was designed by Englewood Cliffs, NJ-based Creative Space Design.
A very attractive and very large butcher counter follows the deli on the side wall, with packaged meats lining the rest of this aisle.
Looking across the store from the first aisle to the last aisle. The aisles are split down the middle as shown here. Awesome custom endcaps!
The front half of the first aisle is the width of two aisles, and here we're seeing the back half of the second aisle. The store leans heavily into international (Latin/Caribbean) foods and organic/natural items.
Seafood and two registers on the back wall.
Dairy on the back half of the last aisle, with bread facing.
As we can see, the decor gets a little simpler on this wall, which is very common (the grand aisle/service departments almost always have the most deluxe decor).
Frozen foods in the front half of the store.
A look across the front-end from customer service towards deli/bakery. This Shop Fair is a beautiful addition to downtown Yonkers, and I hope it succeeds. It was quite busy at the time of my visit.
It is located on the same block as two other stores we're going to see, and up next is the store this one unfortunately put out of business. Head over to Grocery Archaeology to check that one out tomorrow!

Shop Fair Supermarkets

116 New Main Street, Getty Square, Yonkers, NY
Photographed March 2019