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TOUR: Foodtown - New Rochelle, NY

New Rochelle is a big place that has a lot of supermarkets, but we're going to be visiting two in particular this trip through. First up is this Foodtown on the far southern end of the city, which is owned by Angelo Avena's A&J Fresh Food Markets. Like the other A&J stores, this store was converted from Angelo & Joe's Met Foodmarkets to Foodtown in 2012.
The first and most prominent department in this 8500 square foot store is the deli/bakery, which is immediately inside the entrance lining the right-side wall. The rest of the first aisle contains dairy, which continues along the back wall with meat on the far side. Frozen lines the last aisle with produce in the front corner opposite the entrance.
This store is small, but obviously very heavily used. And it's old, but in a comforting and familiar way instead of an outdated way.
Looking across the back wall of the store.
Like Manor Market, this store's first aisle is aisle 9, working down to aisle 1 at the far end.
The store is very clean and nicely stocked.
Looking towards the front wall in the last aisle, which contains frozen foods.
Looking across the produce department in the front corner is a little bit like looking through a jungle. Although it might look small, the produce department's size (taking up about half of the front wall) is actually fairly large compared to the size of the store.
Three registers on the other side of the front end. Notice the lane markers, which are designed to resemble the upside-down triangle that forms the top of the M in the Met Foodmarkets logo. That's all for our look at this small but very pleasant store, we have a brand-new store up next so head over to The Independent Edition to check it out tomorrow!

Foodtown of New Rochelle

430 Pelham Rd, New Rochelle, NY
Photographed March 2020


  1. I like that... "old, but in a comforting and familiar way instead of an outdated way." That's a nice feeling.

    Also, I agree about the jungle comparison in produce!

    1. Yeah, I've been in a lot of stores like that. A lot of Foodtowns have that feeling (and others are modern and beautiful).


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