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TOUR: ACME Markets - Bryn Mawr, PA

ACME Markets Opened: 2012, older store (1956-2011) on same property Previous Tenants:  none Location:  601 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA Photographed:  December 2021 The Bryn Mawr ACME comes to The Market Report! Acme Style has reported extensively on this store, first visiting the older store that stood on the same property back in 2011 and then returning to the newly built store right after its opening in 2012 . I would strongly recommend you read those two posts (or re-read them, if you already have) before moving on to checking out the store today. I'm not going to describe the layout because Acme Style has some excellent, and pretty accurate, floor plans in their post. The layout hasn't really changed in the past few years -- except for a few minor changes we'll see. Here's the view upon entering, with new flooring and fixtures installed in a sad excuse for a Quality Built remodel. I must say that Acme Style wrote a rather glowing review of this store ten years

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It's time to enter Pennsylvania! If you got a little bored with my coverage of the mid-Atlantic region (and, I'll admit, there were a fair number of pretty boring stores and bad drive-by pictures, especially in Norfolk), now is the time to tune back in. We are back, just west of New Jersey, in the Philadelphia area! We're going to begin our coverage in the eastern part of the Main Line, a stretch of Philadelphia suburbs along US-30, which is the Lincoln Highway. In that area, we'll make stops in Gladwyne, Bryn Mawr, Wynnewood, and Narberth before entering the Philadelphia city limits for a look at stores around Carroll Park, Cathedral Park, and University City. My coverage of Philadelphia is not quite as dense as northern New Jersey nor northeastern Pennsylvania, but it's pretty solid, and we certainly have quite a few interesting stops as we move through the area from south to north, roughly. We begin with a look at a very small independent grocer in Gladwyne over

Look Inside: MOM's Organic Market - Jessup, MD

MOM's Organic Market Opened: 2006, expanded 2019 Owner:  Scott Nash Previous Tenants:  unknown Location:  7351 Assateague Dr, Jessup, MD Photographed:  June 2021 Contributor:  Luke P. Welcome to Baltimore, almost! We're about 12 miles southwest of the city in Jessup to visit the MOM's Organic Market at Columbia East Marketplace. We've seen a few of their stores, and toured the Cherry Hill location . This looks like a fairly large MOM's store, especially since the website mentions it was expanded in 2019. By the way, here's what the outside looks like. As we saw in Cherry Hill, the store is extremely spacious with wide concourses between all the aisles. Above, I believe we're looking across the back wall of the store, and in the first shot we're looking towards the back from the front of the store. Looks like the expansion also involved replacing most of the fixtures around the store, since they all look pretty new. MOM's, of course, gained its popu

Look Inside: Giant Food - H Street, Washington, DC

Giant Food Opened: ca. 2012 Previous Tenants:  none Location:  300 H St NE, Washington, DC Photographed:  June 2019 Contributor:  Alex D. Our contributor Alex D., who lived for a while in this neighborhood of Washington DC, shows us a few pictures of what was her local store when she was here. The store is located right behind Washington DC's Union Station, and about 3/4 of a mile northeast of the Capitol Building. With this small look inside, we see that it's a rather unremarkable version of this decor package, which would've been installed when the store opened around 2012. The store may have been renovated with the newer decor package I mentioned at Seven Corners , but I can't tell for sure. Looks like a nice polished concrete floor but this is a pretty flat version of the decor with a very bland ceiling. Well, that wraps up our rather short look at the DC area and tomorrow we have an even shorter look at the Baltimore area, with one store outside of the city here o

Snapshot: Safeway - King St, Alexandria, VA

Safeway Opened: 2015 on site of demolished Safeway Location:  3526 King St, Alexandria, VA Photographed:  February 2021 Contributor:  L.D. We arrive in Alexandria, VA, for our final suburban DC store. This 62,000 square foot Safeway was constructed around 2013-2015 on the site of a demolished former Safeway, and when the new store opened, it took up about twice the footprint of the former store. This is an interesting location in that it's on the second floor, with a parking garage underneath, and immediately next door to a Fresh Market. We have two more stores before we move along to our next group, and our second-to-last tomorrow is right in the center of things in urban DC. Come back to take a look inside!

Snapshot: Giant Food - Seven Corners, Falls Church, VA

Giant Food Opened: 2020 Previous Tenants:  Shoppers Food (closed 2019) Location:  6360 Seven Corners Ctr, Falls Church, VA Photographed:  February 2021 Contributor:  L.D. The Giant Food at Seven Corners in Falls Church is the largest DC area we've seen so far, at over 70,000 square feet. It was a Shoppers Food until 2019, and Giant appears to have opened in 2020. It's a very attractive interior , too, designed by our friends at Off the Wall. Tomorrow we'll be heading to another interesting retail reuse, over on The Independent Edition !

Snapshot: Harris Teeter - Downtown, Falls Church, VA

Harris Teeter Opened: 2016 Location:  301 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA Photographed:  February 2021 Contributor:  L.D. Another DC area Harris Teeter (which is where I visited my very first Harris Teeter, way way back around 2010), this one in the ground floor of a new(-ish) development in downtown Falls Church. The development was constructed in 2015-16 with the Harris Teeter opening at the end of that period. Very hard to tell exactly how large this store is, since I can't get a good sense of the footprint from the air. But it might be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 square feet. Tomorrow we're going to head about two miles southeast, within Falls Church, to check out the big chain in the DC area that we haven't seen yet. Come back on Monday to check it out!

Snapshot: Harris Teeter - Yorktown, Arlington, VA

Harris Teeter Opened: unknown Location:  2500 N Harrison St, Yorktown, Arlington, VA Photographed:  February 2021 Contributor:  L.D. Right across the street from yesterday's Safeway is this Harris Teeter, which looks like a mid-00s new build store. It's just slightly smaller than Safeway, at around 37,000 square feet. We unfortunately don't have any photos of the interior, but if you're curious, you can check out our store tour of the Harris Teeter in Mount Pleasant, SC here (looks like they have the same decor package). Well, we had two Safeways in a row and now we have two Harris Teeters in a row, with our store tomorrow over in Falls Church. Come back to check it out!

Snapshot: Safeway - Yorktown, Arlington, VA

Safeway Opened: unknown Location:  2500 N Harrison St, Yorktown, Arlington, VA Photographed:  February 2021 Contributor:  L.D. From one Safeway to another, we move on to the store at Yorktown in Arlington, VA. This is a much newer store than yesterday's renovated Marina , and my gut tells me this roughly 40,000 square foot store was probably built in the 1990s. It's also directly across the street from a Harris Teeter, which we'll take a look at tomorrow!