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It's Time for Our Summer Break!

Having completed the Harrisburg area, we're now headed off to summer break! We've got three weeks off from regular posting, during which time we might be checking out some updates and other notable news, but on July 17th we're back and resuming our visit to the Coal Region. Lots more to come (and to be honest... I didn't have a lot of time in the spring to write, so this is also to help me catch up writing)! In the meantime, enjoy the weather and the beach, or however you might be spending your summer and I'll see you soon!

TOUR: Weis Markets - Enola, PA

Weis Markets Opened: 2017 Previous Tenants:  none Location:  4525 Valley Rd, Enola, PA Photographed:  August 15, 2022 We arrive in Enola, Pennsylvania -- just across the river from Uptown Harrisburg -- to check out the flagship Weis Markets! The roughly 67,000 square foot store opened in 2017 directly across the street from a GIANT Food Store that opened in 2014. While the GIANT is much larger -- almost 80,000 square feet, in fact -- Weis seems to be doing just fine. One Google review even notes that the GIANT is fine but too gray -- and that customer claims they're going to start shopping at Weis instead for that reason. Well, as we'll see, nothing about this store is too boring. It's brightly colored, full-service, and uniquely designed. We begin with a look at the outside of the pub, a special feature in the front right corner of the store that also has an ice cream shop featuring Weis's famous ice cream. The grand aisle is on the right side of the store, with bee

TOUR: Karns Foods - Mechanicsburg, PA

Karns Foods Owner: Scott Karns Opened:  late 1990s Previous Tenants:  SuperFresh (1980s-1990s) Location:  4870 Carlisle Pk, Mechanicsburg, PA Photographed:  August 13, 2022 Welcome to the Karns Foods in Mechanicsburg! As you might be able to tell from the distinctive slanted facade, this store was constructed in the early 1980s as a SuperFresh Futurestore, which then closed by the late 90s. Karns didn't do much upon moving in, it seems, to the outside, which retained its distinctive look . When I visited in summer of 2022, the store was undergoing an exterior renovation, keeping the slanted wall but reworking the entrance . As we can see, what's now the main entrance was closed at the time of my visit. The roughly 40,000 square foot store feels significantly less like a SuperFresh inside than outside, but the facade would take a lot of structural work to remove the unusual appearance. So for the time being, all traffic in and out of the store was being directed to the entrance