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TOUR: Supremo Food Market - Pennsauken, NJ

Supreme Food Market Owner: Eddie Trujillo Opened: 2016 Previous Tenants:  GEX > Kmart (closed 2003) > Supremo Food Market (ca. 2003-ca. 2005) > Shop n Bag (ca. 2005-2016) Cooperative:  none Location:  7500 S Crescent Blvd, Pennsauken, NJ Photographed:  January 2021 We arrive at the final Pennsauken store which is also the last Supremo we'll see in New Jersey -- and yes, we've seen every Supremo in NJ along with all the former stores. This one is a bit different from the other Supremos that we've seen because, although I knew at the time it was really large, I didn't realize that the store (along with its associated wholesale warehouse division next door) makes up 70,000 square feet -- or almost double the next largest Supremo. This store and its strip mall were built on the site of an airport and was built as a GEX membership warehouse store , later Kmart, which closed in 2003. Supremo opened shortly thereafter, making this their second store in Pennsauken (

Update: Kings Food Markets!

Verona We return to Verona, most recently the site of a bizarre half-remodel right before the ACME acquisition, to see the bread cases that have been going into a lot of the Kings stores is in here too, although we still don't have any signage attached to it as we see in the ACMEs. Morristown Larger and super-deluxe bread display takes up a whole wall in Morristown, although it's the same type as the others that have been going in elsewhere. Morristown has also received three self-checkouts, which I don't recall having posted yet. Mendham Despite many of these signs (of the same type as we saw recently in Millburn ) posted inside and outside of the Mendham Kings, there was no visible work going on. The bread case had been replaced, though... Bedminster And you can guess what the change at Bedminster was too. The bread display looks quite nice here, but I will say that, since this decor is now a solid 10 years old (this was the first Where Inspiration Strikes store back in

Coming Soon!

We're at the end here, folks! After over a year making our way up and down the whole state, we have come to our last group. And now we're down to the last week and a half or so of posts for the Garden State. We begin to the southeast of the city of Camden (unfortunately, no posts within the city limits of Camden) and continue more or less east along route 70 to Marlton. And then we finish up with one stop down towards the Delaware Memorial Bridge before finishing up New Jersey! Highlights include our final NJ Supremo, a heck of a lot of ACMEs, a couple of chains we've never seen before, and four former supermarkets around this area. Check out our first store here tomorrow on The Market Report !

TOUR: ShopRite - Hartford, Mount Laurel, NJ

ShopRite of Ark Road Owner: Karl Eickhoff Opened:  2007 Previous Tenants:  Shop n Bag > Super G > Stop & Shop (2005-2007) Cooperative:  Wakefern Food Corp. Location:  127 Ark Rd, Mount Laurel, NJ Photographed:  December 2019 It's our final store north of Camden! It's more like east of Camden, slightly north, about 13 miles out on route 38. The township of Mount Laurel has three ShopRites, two of which are owned by the Ravitz family (Nixon Drive and Union Mill), and one of which -- this one -- is owned by Eickhoff, whose stores we've seen before. This one, on Ark Road in the Hartford section of Mount Laurel, and Union Mill were both Super G locations rebranded to Stop & Shop in 2005, then sold to Wakefern in 2007 when Stop & Shop exited this area of the state. Wakefern then turned the stores over to their various member-owners, including Eickhoff, Ravitz, Village, and others. This store appears to have been renovated upon purchase by the Eickhoffs (not all

TOUR: ACME Markets - Main St, Maple Shade, NJ

ACME Markets Opened: 1953 Previous Tenants:  none Location:  41 W Main St, Maple Shade, NJ Photographed:  January 2021 Folks, it's our second-to-last stop north of Camden, and it's a good one. With the relatively recent closures of the Middlesex and Morris Plains ACMEs, there remain relatively few true "classic" ACMEs as Acme Style would've classified them. A clear frontrunner to me is the Main Street ACME in Maple Shade, which Acme Style covered back in 2010. And at that time, they were wondering how much longer this store which opened in 1953 could continue to stay in business. Well, 12 years after Acme Style's post, it's still going just as it did all those years. ACME also built a second store in Maple Shade in the 1970s, and that store recently lost its pharmacy but that was coupled with an extensive Quality Built renovation. The store originally ended where the tower is, according to Acme Style (and the tower was once taller), and the part on th