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Coming Soon!

There's no good reason to put Woodbridge and Fredericksburg together in a grouping of supermarkets, beyond the fact that they're the two places in northeastern Virginia that I've actually photographed. So that's a good enough reason for me! We'll be checking out a store in Fredericksburg and seven about 30 miles to the north in Woodbridge, over the next week or so, and I have some pretty interesting stuff around here. This is a quick collection of stores, captured on my travels to and from Charleston, so a lot of the posts will be pretty short. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot to see, though! After this, we'll spend a little bit of time in the DC and Baltimore suburbs before jumping into Pennsylvania, beginning in the Philadelphia area. Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next few... days? Weeks? Months? All of the above, so come back here tomorrow to check out our Fredericksburg store! In the meantime, check out today's updates and special reports

Update: Kings Food Markets!

The latest round of updates from our northern NJ Kings Food Markets, which of course for review declared bankruptcy in the summer of 2020 and in January 2021 was officially taken over by Albertsons Companies. Millburn We last saw the Millburn Kings (along with a few others) in March , and it's time to return to the store post-remodel to see what happened. As I mentioned, the remodel involved removing the olive and mezze (Mediterranean grains and vegetales) bars from the deli area. These products have been shifted over to the various deli refrigerators around the first aisle. A Google Maps review of Mendham says their salad bar has been removed (and Mendham had the same renovation signage as Millburn but no visible work as of March, and I haven't been able to get back since), but here the salad bar remains. Olives are now prepackaged in the deli alcove... And now, to see the results of the remodel of the produce/dairy area. First off, I was wondering last time how many frozen ai

Special Report: LIDL - Livingston, NJ

LIDL (future) Opening: 2022 Previous Tenants:  Toys R Us Location:  599 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ Photographed:  Spring 2022 Contributor:  Laura A very quick special report just to mention the fact that LIDL is coming to Livingston, NJ, which I don't believe has been reported anywhere else, except by me, on Twitter . By the way, you should go check out and follow that Twitter thread, where I report on all kinds of supermarket news from the northeast, including my own observations and reposts of articles worth reading. The roughly 42,000 square foot former Toys R Us of Livingston is being prepared for the opening of a LIDL, although I assume they will not be taking the whole space (but who knows). This signage is all over the front fencing across the property, boldly announcing the discounter's impending arrival. This store is located just half a mile from the existing ALDI at the Livingston Circle, and directly next door to the Route 10 Farmers Market (in fact sharin

Update: Food Bazaar Supermarket!

It's not too often that I do updates of Food Bazaars, since most of the ones I visit regularly are fairly new. But we have a couple of changes at Elizabeth and Red Hook that are worth checking out... Elizabeth The above picture of the Elizabeth Food Bazaar isn't a recent one (you can see the snow), but it's a very nice sunset shot and I think it's my only picture showing the whole store from across the street. The Elizabeth Food Bazaar opened in 2016 in a former Pathmark, which actually opened in 1967 as a ShopRite and was converted the following year. You can see my extensive past coverage here , here , and here . While the store was extensively remodeled before its reopening, most of the supermarket retained its Pathmark tile (just with the signature blue Path to Savings-era portions removed). Only the grand aisle was switched to polished concrete. This month, a lot of work has been going on at the store, including refinishing all of the flooring to polished concrete