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Snapshot: Food Lion - West Ashley, Charleston, SC

Food Lion
Opened: unknown
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 2144 Savannah Hwy, West Ashley, Charleston, SC
Photographed: January 2022
The interchange where Interstate 526 ends and flows out into Savannah Highway, or US-17, is flanked by two supermarkets. To the west is this 37,000 square foot Food Lion, and to the east is a Piggly Wiggly in the Quadrangle Shopping Center. I'm really interested in the fact that the supermarkets here are so small -- I'd think nothing of a 75,000 square foot ShopRite, but we can barely get to 50,000 square feet here. Why is that? Anyway, tomorrow we're going to move east to see the Piggly Wiggly right here on The Market Report!


  1. I'm wondering if Walmart's ubiquity in the area has the competition scaling down to give an alternative, whereas in New Jersey stores like ShopRite have scaled up in order to compete. Between Walmart and Wegmans, I would figure stores in the northeast feel the need to compete more directly and protect their turf.


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