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Snapshot: Walmart Neighborhood Market - Ashborough, Summerville, SC

Walmart Neighborhood Market
Opened: 2015
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 10635 Dorchester Rd, Ashborough East, Summerville, SC
Photographed: January 2022
Today's snapshot is a quick look at a 41,000 square foot Walmart Neighborhood Market in the southern part of Summerville. It was built from the ground up in 2015. Now, to this day, I have yet to step foot in a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Anyone who has been to one, what do you think? Is it a pleasant shopping experience? How does the selection compare to mainstream chain supermarkets? By the way, we're just about 3 miles from a Walmart Supercenter. And we're moving tomorrow to the east for a Publix in the Oakbrook part of Summerville!