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Coming Soon!

 Welcome to the Stroudsburg area! We're going to be around this part of the state for around a month, with maybe half of that dedicated to Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg. But we're starting to the south of Stroudsburg, a town of around 6000 people in the eastern part of the Poconos, with stops in Pen Argyl, Bangor, and Portland, before moving east to Shawnee and then north to East Stroudsburg, at which point we'll circle back into Stroudsburg itself, then head west and south for stops in Bartonsville, Tannersville, and Brodheadsville. (Then after that it's out west to the Coal Region!) It's a lot of interesting stuff in this area, so let's jump in. Monday will be our first stop, out in Pen Argyl here on The Market Report on Monday!

Update: SuperFresh - Roselle, NJ

SuperFresh Owner: Howard Lee / Food World Supermarkets Opened:  2017 Previous Tenants:  Food Fair > Pantry Pride > Foodtown > Food King > A Seabra Foods Cooperative:  Key Food Stores Location:  550 Raritan Rd, Roselle, NJ Photographed:  January 10, 2023 Obligatory Roselle SuperFresh update. Unfortuntely, it's not all that exciting, but there has been work done. Nearly all of the interior has been cleaned out, and it does look like the space is in a condition that could be used to build out a new supermarket... but it's hard to tell. Compare this to the last update . The interior is looking emptier but cleaner, and more lights are on. I'm interested to see where this goes. Notice the very bright lights on over what used to be the grocery aisles. We'll see how much the space is renovation (cosmetically) before the store reopens -- that is, assuming it will in fact reopen. It's around two and a half years since the store closed. Just for a few glances insi

Update: Western Beef Supermarket - Mariners Harbor, Staten Island, NY

Western Beef Supermarket Owner: Peter J. Castellana III Opened:  ca. 2005 Previous Tenants:  A&P (1980s-ca. 2000) Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group Location:  2040 Forest Ave, Mariners Harbor, Staten Island, NY Photographed:  January 13, 2023 Remember this store? It's been some time since we first toured this 40,000 square foot store which takes up most of a former A&P in far northern Staten Island. The A&P closed around 2000, and Western Beef moved in around five years later but was open no later than 2007. I'm not sure whether Western Beef originally took up the entire 52,000 square foot building, but around 12,000 square feet of it is now a discount store on the left side. If you look at my previous photos, you'll notice that the department signage to the left of the Western Beef logo has been removed, but the store has not been reduced in size since then. It's possible when that space was vacant, Western Beef was allowed to put signage over th

Special Report: Amazon Fresh (future) - Staten Island, NY

Amazon Fresh Opening: date not announced P revious Tenants:  non-grocery tenants Location:  430 New Dorp Ln, New Dorp, Staten Island, NY Photographed:  January 13, 2023 We're here on Staten Island to check out one of several dozen or more unopened but fully built Amazon Fresh shells around the country, which has the telltale facade with the green stripes but no signage. I'm not sure how much is done on the inside since the windows were all covered over, but the 40,000 square foot store could very well be ready to launch anytime. Amazon Fresh as a whole is in limbo as extensively discussed on this forum , so this one is likely to remain as it is for some time. If this store ever does open, it's got a very tough location in an awkwardly situated strip mall on Hylan Boulevard, which within a few blocks in either direction is also home to a Stop & Shop, a very new ShopRite, the new HL Supermarket , and a small market called Family Fruit. Tomorrow we're returning to nor

TOUR: Grocery Outlet - Easton, PA

Grocery Outlet Owner: Dane & Natalie Sanford Opened:  2018 Previous Tenants:  assorted non-grocery tenants Location:  2541 Nazareth Rd, Easton, PA Photographed:  January 8, 2021 It's time for another Grocery Outlet! We saw one back in Philadelphia , and this promising hard-discount format is quickly growing in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. The most recent opening in the area was in Hazlet, NJ, just next to the former ALDI we saw when we were down there. (I suppose I shouldn't say the format is promising as it's already been proven successful in this area and elsewhere, instead, it seems to be a successful addition to this area's competitive grocery market.) I visited my first Grocery Outlet ever back in 2015 in Allentown and was rather impressed. Unlike other discount stores that rely primarily on private label products, Grocery Outlet has a mix of storebrand and name brand items, and this 25,000 square foot store is a pleasant example of one of their newer sto