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TOUR: The Fresh Market - Center Valley, PA

The Fresh Market
Opened: 2006
Previous Tenants: unknown
Location: 3060 Center Valley Pkwy, Center Valley, PA
Photographed: January 12, 2019
Contributor: Lucas from Grocery Voice
Lucas from Grocery Voice Media brings us another great PA store tour, this time of The Fresh Market in Center Valley, to the southeast of Allentown!
The store opened in 2006, and the 23,000 square foot gourmet supermarket appears to be very similar to other Fresh Market locations we've seen, although I haven't actually been to the store myself.
Looks like we enter to a coffee/tea area in the middle of the store, with produce on the right side. In the typical Fresh Market layout, deli is in an island at the back of the store, with meat, seafood, and bakery on the back wall. Grocery, dairy, and frozen are in smaller sections on the left side of the store.
I believe the service coutner we see to the right above is floral, in the front right corner.
And here's the bulk department in the front of the store, with the coffee and tea on one side and candy/nuts on the other side.
A close-up of the coffee bar. I've seen quite a few coffee bars like this but this is a different fixture from what I'm used to seeing, probably because it's an older Fresh Market store.
This bulk food area takes up the front half of the middle of the store, in front of the deli island and opposite the registers on the front wall.
And to the right of that is the produce department. I do like the look of this store but we can definitely tell this is an older Fresh Market. Note the differences in decor and fixtures compared to the newer stores, like Philadelphia.
Looks like there's a very small cafe in the front right corner behind the floral department, although I must say that this is not a particularly attractive cafe.
And here's a look at meat and seafood in the back. Not sure if this is just the camera Lucas used or if it's the store, but this store seems much darker than the Philadelphia store.
Prepared foods in the deli island opposite meat and seafood.
I do love the meat fixture on the back wall. Very sleek and expansive.
And the bakery displays take up a lot of the space in between the deli and bakery counters.
Frozen and dairy on the outside on the far left side of the store. Again, there's very complicated and intricate decor here, something we don't see in the newer stores.
Lucas also captured a little bit of the packaging change, which I believe is shown with the new version on the left and the older one on the right.
And that about wraps up our store tour of this Fresh Market!
Our next stop is another store Lucas has photographed, about four miles east. Come back tomorrow to check it out!