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Update: CTown Supermarkets - Passaic, NJ

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TOUR: Compare Foods Supermarket - Passaic, NJ

Compare Foods Supermarket Owner: Teofilo de Jesus Opened: 2005 Previous Tenants: A&P > Presidente Supermarket Cooperative: Associated Supermarket Group Location: 161 Jefferson St, Passaic, NJ Photographed: July 2020 We're here at Hoover and Jefferson at the first of our two spectacular Passaic stores here on The Market Report. A former centennial A&P, which was later taken over by an independent store, has today been  renovated into a simply gorgeous Compare Foods. Compare Foods has reversed the store, with the entrance and exit facing the back of the store and the parking lot. The checkouts take up the space once occupied by A&P's backroom, with the former front-end having been expanded into a spacious produce department. You enter on the left side of this back wall to a huge hot food bar, bakery, and deli in the front left corner with butcher and meats along the left side. Produce lines the back wall of the store, with frozen and dairy in the last aisle.

Snapshot: Trader Joe's - Clifton, NJ

Trader Joe's Opened:  ca. 2011 Previous Tenants:  none Location:  259 Allwood Rd, Clifton, NJ Photographed:  March 2019 This 12,000 square foot Trader Joe's opened as part of a new-build mall along Allwood Road around 2011, just under two miles from yesterday's Stop & Shop . It's also less than half a mile from the Clifton Commons Stop & Shop and, in the other direction, the former Clifton ACME . Many people are familiar with the quirky upscale-with-a-sense-of-humor retailer Trader Joe's, but if not, we'll be touring one down in Union County not too far in the future. Stay tuned! For now, though, we're heading into Passaic, just to the east, for an in-depth look at the grocery stores downtown over the next approximately two weeks. We're going to make a circuit through the city from west to east, starting with a store tour tomorrow on The Independent Edition !