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TOUR: Save-A-Lot - West Side, Newark, NJ

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TOUR: Met Foodmarkets - Ironbound, Newark, NJ

Met Foodmarkets Owner:  Hamlet Reynoso Opened:  2002 Previous Tenants:  unknown Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group Location:  514 Ferry Street, Ironbound, Newark, NJ Photographed:  January 2019 Our next Newark store tour, and the only major supermarket in the Ironbound that's not a Seabra Foods or a Seabra's Market, is this Met Foodmarket on Ferry Street just over half a mile east of yesterday's Seabra . This 9600 square foot store was expanded from an original 7900 square feet, and the expansion makes up the first aisle, to the far left of the store. You enter to the double-wide produce aisle with dairy in the expansion to the left. (You can see the entrance door straight ahead; we're looking towards the front wall.) Dairy in the first aisle. The fixtures and decor are in that murky range where they're neither old nor new, so it's hard to place them other than an estimate that they probably date back to the store's openin

TOUR: Seabra Foods - Ferry Plaza, Newark, NJ

Seabra Foods Owner:  Antonio Seabra Opened:  2019 Previous Tenants:  Pathmark > ACME Cooperative:  none Location:  281-295 Ferry St, Ironbound, Newark, NJ Photographed:  August 2019 It's our third time visiting this store in the Ferry Plaza in the Ironbound neighborhood of Newark! We've previously seen it as an ACME and then closed while being prepared for Seabra . Today, we get to tour the flagship Seabra location, and the fourth Seabra in the Ironbound. See the Chestnut Street location and the other Ferry Street location on the blog as well! You might notice the low airplane in the above picture... we're less than a mile and a half from the Newark Airport, one of three international airports serving New York City. It's also the largest airport in New Jersey. And if anyone from out-of-state has had an unpleasant experience at the dinosaur of an airport, don't worry, we hate it too. This Seabra Foods is unlike any other supermarket I