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Snapshot: Fine Fare Supermarkets - Longwood, Bronx, NY

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Snapshot: Bravo Supermarkets - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Yesterday on The Independent Edition we saw the Golden Apple Tree Supermarket at 745 Westchester Ave. I passed by the store once again a year after I photographed it the first time, following its conversion to Bravo -- returning it to the banner about six years after it was switched to Key Food (and later to Golden Apple Tree). There's a little more history on the store on the Golden Apple Tree post, so make sure to check that out.

Photographed March 2020

TOUR: Fine Fare Supermarkets - 149th/Melrose, Bronx, NY

Speaking of newdevelopments, this Fine Fare opened in 2016 in a new development that replaced what looks to be a commercial parking lot. The 14,000 square foot supermarket, owned by Frank Pimentel who owns a second Fine Fare at 675 Morris Ave in Melrose, takes up part of the ground floor. There's a second floor with offices and other businesses, then a rooftop parking garage.
We start with a gorgeous produce department lining the front of the store. The grocery aisles run parallel to the front wall, with checkouts and then deli/bakery on the left side wall and dairy on the right side wall. Frozen takes up the second-to-last aisle with meat in the last aisle.
This store has a very modern design, and it's looking great even about four years after its opening. As you can see, it's a high volume store.
Dairy lining the right side wall of the store. It's much deeper than it is wide.
So, the grocery aisles are pretty short.
The store generally focuses on the basics, but lea…

Snapshot: Foodtown - Melrose, Bronx, NY

Today's store is a Foodtown that, because of some crazy curved streets, is about five blocks south of yesterday's Food Bazaar. It opened in a newly built building in 2012 and is owned by the Estevez family. As I mentioned, the south Bronx has a lot of new development going up and this building is just one of dozens that have been built in this neighborhood in the past few years.

Photographed March 2019

SPECIAL REPORT: SuperFresh - Hopelawn, NJ

GRAND OPENING of SuperFresh, Hopelawn, NJ We're taking a pause from the Bronx coverage (the rest of which you can see here and which will continue tomorrow) to cover the grand opening ribbon cutting of the brand-new SuperFresh in Hopelawn, NJ! The store opened officially at 7AM on Friday, July 31, 2020 with the ribbon cutting held at 2PM. We'll have a full store tour of this location when we pass through New Jersey after we finish New York (you can expect that to begin in the late fall or early winter coming up), but for now, we're covering the ribbon cutting of this beautiful new store, which happened yesterday. Previously, we've been to the grand opening at the Food Bazaar in Elizabeth, NJ which you can see here, but this is only my second grand opening to attend. This former Pathmark closed on November 25, 2015 without a buyer, and was briefly expected to be taken over in part by a D-Town Market Fresh (which I can only assume is related to B-Town Market Fresh). The …