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763 Southbridge St, Auburn, MA

Original Grocery Tenant: Iandoli's Supermarket Address: 763 Southbridge St, Auburn, MA Opened:  between 1960 and 1964 Closed:  by 1987 Later Tenants:  subdivided Photographed:  May 1, 2021 and April 16, 2022 We'll be spending a few days here in Auburn, a suburb directly outside Worcester to the south. Our first stop is maybe the least exciting of them all, a roughly 18,000 square foot former Iandoli's Supermarket. Iandoli's was a local chain dating back to the early 1920s when Albert Iandoli opened a grocery store on Grafton Hill in Worcester, and ultimately the chain grew to around 10 stores in and around Worcester before selling to Shaw's in 1987. This one didn't go to Shaw's, but another Iandoli store at the other end of Auburn did, which we'll be touring shortly. Today, the space has been subdivided, and it doesn't look like another grocer occupied the space after Iandoli's closure. A Walmart Supercenter is about a mile southwest in Oxford
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Special Report: Stop & Shop Closing 32 Stores

Supermarket aficionados would be hard-pressed to have missed the literally dozens of headlines yesterday about Stop & Shop store closures. After I wondered why so many stores were in such bad shape (and then followed up twice ), it seemed to me like an announcement was imminent. And on May 23, at Ahold Delhaize's Strategy Day, the US CEO announced that store closures were coming, along with intensifying the remodeling program and making changes to product mix and pricing. See this thread for some quotes from that meeting. I've seen some minor tweaks to product mix in certain stores and ads promoting thousands of new lower prices, along with matching tags, so that part of the strategy is coming along quickly (although these changes seem to be sporadic and fairly minor). Finally, yesterday, Stop & Shop announced a list of 32 stores to be closed by November 2 of this year. Personally, I can't say many of the inclusions on the list are big surprises, at least among