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TOUR: ShopRite - Bernardsville, NJ

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TOUR: Kings Food Markets - Bernardsville, NJ

Kings Food Markets Opened: late 1980s Previous Tenants:  ACME Markets (1950s-1980s) Location:  100 Morristown Rd, Bernardsville, NJ Photographed:  June and November 2020, January and July 2021 It's gonna be a big day, folks. This is our first store tour, and it's a long one. I also have a tour of the ShopRite across the street here , and a look at a former A&P just next to the ShopRite here . That's a heck of a lot of coverage for a town of 7600 people. But here we are in Bernardsville, a town in the far northeastern corner of Somerset County. Bernardsville is to the west and northwest of the Great Swamp, and has a small business district here along route 202 (Morristown Road, which unsurprisingly goes into Morristown) and a pleasant little downtown just to the north. The Bernardsville Centre, seen here, was built in the 50s and anchored by an approximately 20,000 square foot ACME, which became Kings in the late 1980s. This store was never renovated into the 2012-era W