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TOUR: Pathmark - East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

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TOUR: Fine Fare Supermarkets - Midwood, Brooklyn, NY

This store is a little bit of an oddball. It was originally a Met Foodmarket (probably since it opened in 1986), with a service butcher in a separate storefront under the name Meat Town (even though, to my knowledge, the grocery store sold meat). In 2016, owner Thomas Kaller seemed to have gotten an idea to rebrand the entire operation as a Met Fresh Supermarket, moving the Meat Town sign that used to be over the separate storefront to higher up and centered over the Met Fresh sign. Now, you may notice that, uh, that's not the Met Fresh logo. A while later, the store transitioned to Fine Fare Fresh, and, uh, that's not the Fine Fare logo either. But it's gotta match the Met Fresh logo that used to be there, right?
Notice that the marquee sign, which used to say Met Food, now says "Fresh Supermarket Food."
There are some things in life you just can't explain, such as why this store's butcher counter is in a separate room accessible only from the sidewalk …

TOUR: Key Food Supermarkets - Flatbush South, Brooklyn, NY

Let's review. On this block of Nostrand Ave, we have The Meat Place next door to this Key Food, with KP Farm Market next door to that and Isaac Natural Foods two doors up from that. We've already seen a Key Food in Flatbush, at the north end of the neighborhood on Flatbush Ave, and there are no fewer than five Key Foods on Nostrand: 367, 653, 1232, 1905 (this one), and 2326. 653 and 2326, by the way, are currently being remodeled.
It's been quite a while since this particular Key Food was remodeled, but even though it's pretty old, it's still looking clean and well-stocked.
This 7,000 square foot store features a tiny deli immediately inside the entrance, with produce and dairy in the first aisle. Dairy and meat line the back wall of the store, with frozen in the last aisle.
Zaha Ahmed owns this store, and I believe a few other Key Food locations.
I must say that, although it's not the most modern, I do like the decor. At least it's uniform across the whol…