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TOUR: ShopRite - Montague, NJ

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TOUR: ACME Markets - Sussex, NJ

ACME Markets Opened: 2015 Previous Tenants:  A&P (1960s-2015), expanded around 2000 Location:  455 NJ-23 N, Sussex, NJ Photographed:  December 2020 We arrive in Sussex Township's only supermarket, the ACME (formerly A&P) in an unnamed strip mall at route 23 and Lower Unionville Road. The store was built in the 1960s as a centennial model A&P, the expanded out both sides to its current 46,000 square feet around 2000. I assume that, if it was not already closed by then, that expansion put the Foodtown down 23 out of business. Today, Farmer Joen and Sussex Meat Packing take up a combined 25,000 square feet of that strip mall. The grand aisle and HABA department is located in the expansion, with prepared foods and deli lining the right side of the store. ACME had yet to renovate this store and I am fairly certain they are preparing to close, not renovate, when the ShopRite opens all of 900 feet away. (It's also possible that a more extensive renovation is planned in

TOUR: ACME Markets - Vernon, NJ

ACME Markets Opened: 2015 Previous Tenants:  A&P (1990s-2015), replacing an older store in the same strip mall Location:  530 CR-515, Vernon, NJ Photographed:  December 2020 & December 2021 We arrive in the small town of Vernon, NJ for their 56,000 square foot ACME, which was built in the mid-90s including part of an older 70s store on the same property (see the comments here for more details). I photographed this store in December of 2020, and fortunately got to the store roughly a month before the Quality Built (also known as Heritage) renovation began. Acme Style caught the store in its first few days of operation here . We're going to check out the store still looking very much like an A&P, and then some post-renovation photos that I took a year later in December 2021... "A&P Fresh" replaced with "ACME"  here in the foyer. As we move inside, we encounter a Starbucks (slightly unusual to see a Starbucks in a small-town ACME that's really