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TOUR: Pioneer Supermarkets - Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Today's store tour is just about a mile directly south of the Wyckoff Food Bazaar. Of course, there are no roads that go directly north-south. I remember hitting a lot of traffic and slow patches in much of Brooklyn, but the drive between the Wyckoff Food Bazaar and this Pioneer was particularly painful.
Opening in a former auto parts store around 2009, this Pioneer joined a store at 616 Melrose Ave in the Bronx as two brand-new Super Pioneers.
In fact, the delivery trucks parked in the lot both had the 616 Melrose address.
The approximately 11,000 square foot store has more recently had a slight expansion in an awning-type enclosure (but it's not a really part of the building).
It drastically increases the produce selection, plus the ubiquitous "wall of values".
It is a dead end, which makes the layout a little awkward, but it's still a great increase in sales floor space. Heading in, we do see a pretty substantial produce department in the first aisle with a d…

TOUR: Food Bazaar Supermarket - Bushwick East, Brooklyn, NY

Yes, it's time for another Food Bazaar! They have a pretty significant density of stores here in the Bushwick/Ridgewood area (see Bushwick West and Williamsburg). And I really like Food Bazaar, so I make it a point to visit their stores when I'm passing through an area.
You're probably familiar with the format here... some exterior pictures, a look at the mural on the side of this building, and then a tour of the interior. A note on the exterior, since the time of my visit, a new awning has been installed and the random labelscars across the facade have been painted out. Here's a look at approximately the same view from August 2019.
This mural focuses on teenage pregnancy.
My photography here at this mural is admittedly not quite as good as the previous stores, so jump over to Google Maps to see the mural in full.
At about 45,000 square feet, this Food Bazaar is a substantially sized store, especially for this neighborhood. But it's not enormous. They do make good…