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Look Inside: Fairway Market - Harlem, Manhattan, NY

We're seeing some interior photographs of the original Fairway Market here in Harlem at 2328 12th Ave in Harlem. You can see the exterior here, and I encourage you to wander around the store on Google Maps to get some context. While I haven't been a huge fan of Fairway's New Jersey locations, I somehow find the New York City locations much better. This particular one is an enormous warehouse piled high with lots and lots of relatively higher-end foods in a value setting.
My photography is not great here, but I've chosen a few key pictures to give you a sense of the interior and turned it into a Look Inside from a full tour.
Fairway has a much larger selection of health and beauty goods than most NYC supermarkets for sure.
The deli and cheese area is in a separate room at the back of the store.
Meats and seafood are located in a walk-in refrigerator room at the back of the store, along with dairy.
I think these pictures definitely tell the story of this store, if they don't particularly give you a complete look at the entire place. If you want lots more coverage of this interior, please check out Google Maps!
Photographed July 2016