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Snapshot: Food World Supermarket - Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY

Today's snapshot is the Food World Supermarket at 935 E 107th St at Flatlands Ave in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn. This one is in closest proximity to the Food Bazaar at Louisana Avenue and Flatlands Avenue, and you could have an argument whether this is technically East New York or Canarsie. Personally, I think it's Canarsie based on very little (but it is to the west of Fresh Creek, if only barely, and Canarsie is decidedly west of Fresh Creek. I don't know much about the history of this store other than the fact that it used to be a Met Foodmarket.


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    1. Hi there, I don't own this store, I just write about the supermarket industry.

      You can check the online delivery service at or call the store at (718) 566-2999


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