Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snapshot: Food Bazaar - East New York

Time for another Food Bazaar! Kind of. Today's post is a bad excuse for a Snapshot.
Yeah, sorry, that's it. But it is a look at the new Food Bazaar Supermarket at 111-10 Flatlands Ave in East New York, Brooklyn. It's a former Pathmark that, for whatever reason, did not open with the rest (Elizabeth, Brentwood, North Bergen, Fairview). Also, let's compare it with those others:
  • Elizabeth's facade was painted beige.
  • Brentwood's facade was not painted and is gray.
  • North Bergen's facade was painted beige.
  • Fairview's facade was painted beige.
  • Flatlands Ave's facade was red. (The main part over the entrance has since been painted beige.)
I can't explain it. Anyway, there you go! The store was not open at the time of my August 2018 visit. The store has since opened--with a brand-new decor package we haven't seen in a Food Bazaar before, and you can see interior photos on Yelp. Another store tour tomorrow!

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