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TOUR: Foodtown - Bay Ridge

Probably the largest supermarket in Bay Ridge is this PSK Supermarkets-owned Foodtown. By the way, the name PSK comes from the founder's name, Paul Sidney Katz. The original PSK was located in the Bronx at 885 Gerard Ave, and Noah Katz runs the business today.
The Foodtown of Bay Ridge is actually a two-floor supermarket, with standard produce, bakery/deli, meat/seafood, dairy, frozen, and grocery goods on the first floor. The second floor contains a health food store with a large selection of natural and organic foods, dairy, and frozen, as well as HABA, vitamins, and supplements. I don't typically love separating natural and organic products, but in this case, it makes sense for the space.
The Foodtown is a pretty imposing presence here on 3rd Ave and it's even equipped with its own private parking lot.
You can clearly see where the second-floor health food store, called Foodtown Naturally, is located.
From any point of view, the Foodtown is an impressive presence.
The front end runs along the side of the store, to the left in the above photo. There is an entrance in the front and another in the back. Produce lines the wall we see here, with deli in the back corner and meat/seafood along the right-side wall.
Heading in...
It seems that PSK has decided Bay Ridge is one word. And that "in" and "business" needed to be capitalized. Oh well.
Big focus on organic foods here. Check out this sign, which lists the number of organic produce items the store offers this week. Pretty impressive!
Although organic and conventional produce are mixed together, the price signs each clearly display whether the item is conventional or organic, which is likely based on Whole Foods' signs.
Looking back up to the front end and entrance. The bakery is behind the produce department.
Hard to tell, but it does look like they bake in-store here.
The deli is very extensive and is truly a "New York Deli" as they advertise!
The space that this Foodtown has is a real luxury. They can carry huge selections of prepackaged, store-prepared meals and cold cuts and even have a sushi counter when some nearby supermarkets don't even have a deli. I also really like the details above the service counters, which make the deli feel more like your own kitchen.
And cheese! The Food Emporium also had a nice cheese selection.
Looking back up towards produce from the deli corner.
The Seafood Cove, with pretty striking lighting, is located just behind the deli.
I also am a big fan of the tile along the back wall.
Meats along the back wall.
I like the three-dimensional quality of these signs. The letters are set probably 2' in front of the background pictures for all the departments, which adds a little visual interest.
Butcher shop. The store was really crowded, so it was quite difficult to get pictures without people. I know several of my photos include someone looking straight into the camera!
Meats continue along the last aisle.
I'm pretty sure this is the second to last aisle. Some packaged meats are located here, as well as the first frozen aisle.
The last aisle contains the remainder of the frozen foods and meat, as well as dairy.
More great signs here!
It seems that we're having a little bit of trim trouble here. But even so, the sign is attractive.
Large selection of cold drinks near the front-end, much more than the standard few cases of soda at the end of each register. And speaking of the front-end...
Here's an overview of the front-end from the produce side. Customer service is at the far end. This store is large enough to even have self checkout!
And as this digital sign encourages, we will take the elevator or the stairs (darnit, I wanted to fly) to Foodtown Naturally on the second floor.
First a detour to see a printout of an article from The Produce News about PSK.
Now on to Foodtown Naturally.
Nope. First we have to see the Foodtown Communication Board, also in the stairwell, which highlights sales on Brad's Organic products.
The farm theme continues into Foodtown Naturally, although the overall design is slightly different.
 Great floor!
Natural and organic frozen here. You can take your cart up here from the main store on the elevator.
Are you looking for kombucha, chia drinks, jackfruit meat substitutes, vegan cheese, and nondairy milks? Well then! You've come to the right place.
Foodtown Naturally could be its own fully-functioning health food store.
Even within familiar brands, such as Kashi, there was a far wider selection than typically available.
Part of the HABA department.
The big windows, which look out over the parking lot, let in a lot of light.
Foodtown Naturally's customer service desk. Purchases are made at the main registers on the first floor.
One more look across the front end before we head out.
Foodtown's delivery van in the parking lot. Here's a few other assorted exterior photos.
A view from the rear parking lot.
The side of the store.
Sign advertising the health food store over the main entrance.

Foodtown is probably the largest supermarket in Bay Ridge and definitely competes with The Food Emporium and Met Fresh, which we'll see on Monday, for the title of Bay Ridge's Best Supermarket. (Be advised, though, that none of them would be nominated for Bay Ridge's Most Affordable Supermarket.)


9105 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Mon-Sat 7AM-11PM, Sun 7AM-10PM
(718) 260-6826
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  1. Very impressive store! The second story natural foods department seems particularly unique.

    1. Yes, it's the store's best feature. I actually know a close family member of the owner of this store, and he made it clear this is one of their flagship stores. I don't think the separate natural foods store appears in any other locations.


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