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Beginning Monday, January 21, 2019!  One week straight of ShopRite with four Store Tours and one Snapshot. Because I have so much material I need to post, I'm trying out these themed weeks rather than just throwing anything I have, in loosely chronological order, on the blog. I'll be featuring certain chains, types of stores, or geographic areas with a new theme every week for the next two months or so. Feedback is always welcomed, so what do you think of this format? I intend to make the material I post connect and make sense together a little more.

Come back on Monday for the ShopRite of New London, CT...


  1. Quite fitting, considering the long-awaited ShopRite in Wyckoff, New Jersey (on the site of a long-abandoned A&P Futurestore) opened this week!

    1. Yes, actually a nice coincidence! Unfortunately I won't be able to get up there to photograph the new store, but it looks great from Google Maps photos. Stop & Shop is in trouble...

    2. I don't expect anyone to photograph the Wyckoff location just yet. It's surprising ShopRite was even allowed to build there... it's right behind the Stop & Shop! They actually disputed it in court back in 2016.

    3. Stop & Shop had held it up for almost ten years, as they did (although for a shorter time) with Inserra's location in Wallington; Inserra and other ShopRite members have sued Stop & Shop as well over the past 10-20 years of supermarket development. It's actually surprising how much time that bought Stop & Shop in this case, since usually they're not able to delay a project that long -- and only rarely does a lawsuit like that actually prevent a development from happening.


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