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Missed Stores - Bay Ridge/Sunset Park

Despite my rather exhaustive (and exhausting, that day) coverage of the various supermarkets in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, I did miss some. So here's a look at what we didn't see in those two neighborhoods. All photos are from Google Maps.
Balady Food Market at 7128 5th Ave, Bay Ridge. Newly renovated Halal & Middle Eastern food standby. (I'm disappointed I didn't make it to this one.)
Pineapple Farm at 7402 5th Ave, Bay Ridge. Corner greengrocer shop.
E Food Supermarket at 4901 5th Ave, Sunset Park. Store featuring virtual food. Just kidding! Chinese-centered fish and produce market.
El Nuevo Pueblo at 4921 5th Ave, Sunset Park. 24-hour produce and grocery shop featuring Latin and natural products.
Marketa Los Fernandez at 5013 5th Ave, Sunset Park. I cannot explain the name. Latin-centered butcher shop and produce market.

One more post tomorrow on our Brooklyn tour!