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Breaking News!

Key Food in Peekskill Closes Suddenly . . . Image still from YouTube . April 26, 2017 marked the end of the road for the Key Food Marketplace in Peekskill, NY, which had its grand opening April 7, 2016, meaning it was fully up and running for one year and 19 days. The store, after closing, still had its Grand Opening banners up. That's always sad. You can see in the picture above the store never even got a real sign, just an oversized banner. It also didn't take over the entire footprint of the A&P it replaced; you can see the vacant part in the windows above. It's unclear what exactly caused this store to close so abruptly, leaving all the products on the shelves and most employees and customers clueless. . . . To Be Replaced by Peekskill Green Grocers Peekskill Green Grocers is an independent supermarket owned and operated by Zayed "Junior" Dabashi , who also owns Key Food stores in Beacon, NY ; Mahopac, NY ; and Milford, PA - all o

Key Food - Port Chester, NY

Welcome to Port Chester, NY!  For anyone not familiar with this city, it's actually pronounced PORT chester, not port CHESter as you might think (same inflection as Westchester). Before we tour this store - I drove by this store (on the highway) earlier today, and it looked like it might be closed, and I thought the sign was missing from the street. I could be wrong, though. These Key Food stores seem to be dropping like flies - Superfresh Garwood is closed for renovations (supposedly), and I heard Key Food in Peekskill, NY is closing this week. It's an old A&P Sav-A-Center. Does anyone know if this store is still open? Now on to the Key Food of Port Chester. It was built in 1982 as a Pathmark. Thanks to the real estate company's outdated website , we can learn that it comes in at just under 60,000 square feet and is situated in a small strip mall on four acres. Apparently this store was run by an outfit called the St. Anthony Supermarket Corp., a Supermarkets

A Seabra Foods - Union, NJ

Welcome to another Seabra Foods, this one owned by the "A" branch, as opposed to the "A&J" side. This store opened as an A&P in the 1950s I believe, and the Kenilworth store was built in the mid-1990s as a replacement for this location. However, there is a large number of seniors who live near this store, and could not easily get to the Kenilworth location. A&P kept this location open alongside Kenilworth until 2006, when the Union A&P closed. Around 2007, Foodtown opened in the former A&P space, after little to no renovation if I remember correctly. They promptly closed and were replaced by Food King, which put up a "King" in place of the "town" already on the sign. Food King lasted only slightly longer than Foodtown, and soon after, A Seabra moved in, as well as into a former Foodtown in Roselle and a former Food King/Foodtown/Grand Union in Springfield . Both of those stores have closed by now, but the Union location