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Look Inside: Met Fresh Supermarket - Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Today's post is a quick Look Inside the Met Fresh Supermarket on Myrtle Ave in Bushwick! I first photographed it in July 2018 as it was under construction, then again in April 2019 when it had opened. There were relatively few customers in the store and lots of employees and management, so photography was a little difficult.
You can see the store is strongly angled and kind of on a few different corners at once.
Interestingly, they decided to have the outside done well before the interior. Usually it goes the other way. The inside layout is kind of like a triangle, so let me attempt to describe it. You enter and turn right to produce and deli in the front right corner, with meats on the back right wall. Dairy/frozen are on the back left side of the triangle. The layout is pretty awkward, and the space is very small, but the decor is really cool.
This store is owned by the Hamdan family, who also own Met Fresh locations in Bay Ridge and Whitestone (Queens), along with a Foodtown in Bensonhurst.
The decor is very different here than in Bay Ridge, with lots more earth tones and wood everywhere. The department signage is quite striking...
And the flooring is very nice, if maybe a little on the "fake"-looking side.
Very tall and thin grocery aisles!
Deli is the only service department in this store.
Not entirely recalling where the beer cave is, although I believe it's the front corner of the triangle opposite produce/deli. This is a feature the Hamdans have in all of their stores.
Maximizing their display space with two-tiered outdoor displays too! The store is located at 1384 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Photographed July 2018 and April 2019