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TOUR: Food Bazaar Supermarket - Bushwick East, Brooklyn, NY

Yes, it's time for another Food Bazaar! They have a pretty significant density of stores here in the Bushwick/Ridgewood area (see Bushwick West and Williamsburg). And I really like Food Bazaar, so I make it a point to visit their stores when I'm passing through an area.
You're probably familiar with the format here... some exterior pictures, a look at the mural on the side of this building, and then a tour of the interior. A note on the exterior, since the time of my visit, a new awning has been installed and the random labelscars across the facade have been painted out. Here's a look at approximately the same view from August 2019.
This mural focuses on teenage pregnancy.
My photography here at this mural is admittedly not quite as good as the previous stores, so jump over to Google Maps to see the mural in full.
At about 45,000 square feet, this Food Bazaar is a substantially sized store, especially for this neighborhood. But it's not enormous. They do make good use of the exterior space, displaying the usual "wall of values" along the front wall of the store.
Now let's head inside and see the store! The layout is nearly identical to the Myrtle store, only that the entrance is on the same side as meat/produce. Dairy lines the back wall, with frozen on the far end of the store. Although the Wyckoff location is double the size of the nearby Gates Avenue location, Wyckoff (like Myrtle) does not have a deli, while Gates does.
I struggled a little bit to get a good overview shot of the produce department, as it's pretty much in a corner (see Myrtle, Bruckner, and WNY) as opposed to being out in the open (see Elizabeth and others).
Some close-ups of the merchandising...
They must do a big business on apples here.
Seafood is in the front corner with produce...
And meat and part of the dairy selection is in a separate, walk-in refrigerator room in the back right corner of the store.
I always think it's funny when a walk-in refrigerator room has additional refrigerator cases inside of it. Freezer cases, I get.
Huge bulk and custom cutting section in the back corner.
Some dairy and eggs in one corner of the refrigerator room, closest to the grocery aisles. I'd say this room and the produce/seafood room take up about 1/3 of the store.
I particularly liked the egg merchandising, making it clear where the organic products were. I noticed this in a few different places around the store, but I haven't seen that at any other Food Bazaars.
I still find it pretty odd that eggs and such are just out on grocery shelving!
Dairy products continue along the back wall of the store in regular refrigerator cases, which look quite new. And if you thought the front-of-the-store "wall of values" was enough, you'd be wrong! The first aisle is lined with another one, of course...
We see that, although this store has not really been renovated, the flooring has been switched to polished concrete and the aisle markers have been switched out to the newest style.
Lots of international products, as is to be expected. The aisles feel a little claustrophobic, so I wonder what the store is like at peak times.
Frozen foods begin in the back corner of the store and continue down aisle 7. Interestingly, that's not the last aisle or even the second-to-last aisle, as this store has 12 aisles.
We see older cases here in the back corner, but the frozen aisle is all brand-new fixtures.
The back wall in the back left corner is diagonal, which is interesting because the building is entirely rectangular and the receiving docks are on the opposite end of the store. But it makes for some awkward corners...
And while the store does not have an in-store bakery, one of these corners is occupied by baked goods brought in from local bakeries.
The last aisle has bread and other such grocery items (which is unusual, as you almost never see a perimeter without refrigerator cases or service departments).
And this sign is still visible at the front end of aisle 12. None of these items are in the aisle anymore, and I'm wondering what store this would've been from (Big R?).
For a look along the front-end, making it look far more crowded than it was...
Some very nice promotional material for Food Bazaar's 30th anniversary last year.
Note that the font for "Food from Home" is the same as what is used in several stores (such as Bruckner) for department signage. Good consistency! The front wall of the store is home to nonfoods, making for a cluttered but effectively used space in the front end.
And that about wraps up our tour of the Wyckoff Food Bazaar! I know we just had three Food Bazaars in a row, so it's going to be a little while (about a month and a half) before we see another one.

Food Bazaar Supermarket

454 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Daily 7am-12:30am
(718) 381-8338
Photographed July 2018