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TOUR: Cherry Valley Marketplace - East New York, Brooklyn, NY

Just across the Linden Houses public housing project from the City Fresh Market we saw yesterday (and sharing ownership with it) is this store. Formerly a Pioneer Supermarket with one of the ugliest exteriors I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing, the supermarket has been turned into a sleek and modern store inside and out.
The grand aisle (and boy is it grand) features produce on the left side, with deli/bakery, hot food/salad, seafood, and butcher along the right wall. Meats run along the back wall with frozen in the second-to-last aisle and dairy on the far side wall. Now prepare yourselves for the interior...
No, it's not a sci-fi movie. It's just a Cherry Valley Marketplace. I don't believe we've ever seen a Cherry Valley quite like this one, and I don't believe one exists.
Department closeups aren't quite as visually striking as the overviews, but they do reveal how masterful the design is. Each surface has a different texture, which work incredibly nicely together.
Next to the deli is the hot food bar and salad bar. This store seems to be a favorite stop for cops in the area, probably because you can get quick and cheap food. (The police car visible in my exterior picture contained two cops who came in and each got sandwiches at the deli.)
Seafood and meat behind prepared foods.
And produce faces these service departments with its amazing curved light bars.
Cherry Valley focuses extensively on international foods.
The store might be rather small at just about 12,000 square feet, but the selection is quite extensive, including both value brands and high-end organic and specialty products. The fixtures make the best use of the space the store has...
And the store is just so pleasing to look at. It's a beautifully designed store, but it's also just gorgeously stocked. Check out this aisle!
Maybe that picture just doesn't do it for you. Okay then, how about a panorama?
Heading over to the freezer aisle, we see some patches here and there on the floor but otherwise very new fixtures and equipment.
Same story in the dairy aisle, although I will say that was the most cluttered and perhaps worse-stocked aisle in the store. Which doesn't mean it was bad by any means, of course.
This about wraps up our tour of this very modern, totally unique Cherry Valley Marketplace! It's quite a visually stunning store and there's some very tough competition in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to two City Fresh Markets (run by the same company, see here and here), there is a Food World, a Food Bazaar, a ShopRite, an ALDI, and a Farm Country.

Cherry Valley Marketplace

1115 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open 24 Hours Daily
(718) 345-2873
Photographed July 2018


  1. WOW! I know I comment "I'm impressed" with lots of great décor packages you post, but... wow. This is amazing.

    I love the grand aisle. The light bars are phenomenal, of course, and I also like the flooring and wall décor. In particular, besides just looking nice, the way the departments are compartmentalized really stands out to me, too. (If that makes sense!) And I appreciate the lighting above each of the shelves in the aisles as well. Ignoring the patched flooring and cramped aisle at the end of the tour, I'd say the aisle markers are probably the most mismatched feature to the rest of this awesome store.

    1. Absolutely, I agree with all the points you make! The aisle markers do look a little bit out of place, but I also do believe they're original to this decor package. I don't believe this decor exists in any other store -- which, if you ask me, is a shame. But I'm not complaining, their newest decor package is equally spectacular.


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