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Snapshot: ShopRite - Yonkers North, NY

Right over the highway from Bryn Mawr we find the ShopRite of Tuckahoe, the second (and slightly larger) ShopRite in Yonkers. The other is the ShopRite of Greenway Plaza, which is 40,000 square feet to this store's 49,000 square feet.
Like Greenway, this store is owned by SRS, Inc., the corporate division of Wakefern that owns about 30 supermarkets. While I'm a little fuzzy on Greenway's history, this one was previously owned by Big V Supermarkets and transferred in ownership around 2000 when Big V went bankrupt.
And like Greenway, this store looks to be nicely updated on the inside. This store is located at 278 Tuckahoe Rd.

Photographed March 2019


  1. SRS took over all the still open Big V stores after they went bankrupt (11/22/2000 is the date I found online) - they had already closed some, particularly those still operating in the "Quonsett" style arched buildings, along with having exited markets like Albany, where SRS returned several years ago.

    Prior to that, Big V had looked at selling the stores to Pathmark, and also at going independent of the ShopRite cooperative but neither worked out.

    While not all of SRS is the Big V stores, they are the majority (pretty much any ShopRite in NY state outside the city/LI that existed before 2000 was part of Big V, plus a couple odd NJ ones like Montague).

    1. Thanks for the history here! Makes sense. I hope to get up to Middletown soon to photograph that former store along with the current store across the street.


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