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Snapshot: ACME Markets - Yonkers, NY

Less than a mile outside the Bronx, we encounter this ACME which was previously an A&P Foodmarket that ACME acquired in the 2015-16 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the 37,000 square foot store's outdated facade and tired 1990s decor did not take well to a fast conversion. So in January 2018, the store was temporarily closed for a total exterior and interior remodel, bringing the exterior to how it looks today and the interior to the current Quality Built decor package.
This is the type of store ACME runs best: midsized community stores located right in the main business district.
I'm assuming local zoning laws dictated the small ACME lettering and plain facade. McLean Avenue is a small business district which, interestingly enough, contains Yonkers' Irish population. A very nice business strip anchored at the west end by this store at 660 McLean Avenue.

Photographed March 2019