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TOUR: Key Food Supermarkets - Valley Stream, NY

Moving just half a mile from yesterday's rather depressing Food Farm to today's gorgeous and inviting Key Food. Owned by Alex Guzman, this store joins another Key Food in Queens and a Shop Fair in Yonkers that he also owns. A longtime Key Food, it was purchased by Guzman in 2011.
You enter about halfway across the storefront and turn left to a beautiful new deli-bakery-coffee shop in the front corner, with produce on the right side of the first aisle and meats on the left. Dairy runs along the back wall with seafood in the back corner. Frozen lines the last aisle.
This corner was all-new in the 2016ish renovation. It's absolutely gorgeous.
Bakery on the front wall with a coffee shop on the side facing a small cafe.
Now continuing into the main store, we see an impressive meat and produce aisle with very modern and sleek decor.
It's a very upscale positioning, right down to the price signs which contain descriptions of the produce items. The store is also not huge, but a solid 29,000 square feet.
Service butcher counter on the left side wall about halfway back.
Looking up towards the coffee shop.
Here you can see how the first aisle leads into the deli/bakery in the front corner.
Bulk foods bar at the back of the first aisle. A very nice touch!
Dairy with sleek new cases and modern decor on the back wall.
Grocery aisles are a little disappointing, it would be nice to see more exciting flooring and shelving. But the perimeter still looks amazing...
Nice big seafood department in the back corner, with some decor leftovers from the previous decor package. The brick theme is left over, and the lettering would've been on a beige wall with brown or red trim.
Frozen foods with old cases and new decor in the last aisle.
A modern front-end wraps up our tour here, and also our visit to Valley Stream! Up next we have two stores in the last part of Hempstead we'll be seeing, Elmont!

Key Food Supermarkets

1851 N Central Ave, Valley Stream, NY
Photographed December 2018