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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Valley Stream, NY

Immediately next door to T&F Pork Store is this CTown Supermarket, which until about 2016 or 2017 was an Associated. Interestingly enough, this store (under the awning) has a porcelain front, like many 1940s-era ACMEs did. I don't know whether this store was ever an ACME (though they did have stores on Long Island), but I rather doubt it.
There is a parking lot in the back, with an entrance to the store. I don't entirely remember the layout here, but generally it consists of checkouts and customer service on the front wall. Frozen lines the front half of the first aisle, dairy in the back half, with meats on the back wall. Produce lines the back half of the last aisle, with deli at the front of the last aisle. A pretty solid selection for just 4300 square feet. We're going to tour the store kind of in reverse, starting in the back of the last aisle (produce).
Somewhat patchwork floor, but it's plenty clean.
The front half of the last aisle (there are only four aisles) transitions to grocery, with a deli counter at the front. You can see how you really have to get creative with selection when you're in such a small space!
Hard to tell whether these aisle markers are designed this way or whether the CTown logo is simply a decal over the Associated name.
First aisle contains frozen and dairy.
Meats on the back wall.
The deli looks to have been remodeled slightly more recently than the rest of the store. It's at the front part of the last aisle.
The front end is somewhat cluttered, but what do you expect in a small store. We've got some more stores in Valley Stream up next, so hang around!

CTown Supermarkets

214 Rockaway Ave, Valley Stream, NY
Photographed December 2018