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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Hempstead, NY

Like yesterday's Foodtown, this CTown is located in a suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of Hempstead. Built ca. 2010 on the site of a former light industrial building, this store opened as a Key Food before being converted by 2015 to a CTown. If you look at the logo on the storefront, you can tell it's actually the Key Food logo with a CTown panel fit into the Key Food shape. Not counting V&C Supermarket, an Asian store downtown, and a Stop & Shop (because why bother?), this is the largest supermarket in Hempstead. You enter this 20,000 square foot store to a spacious produce department with meat and seafood on the back wall. Dairy and frozen are at the far end of the store, with deli and bakery (again, a full in-store bakery) on the front wall.
The produce department is definitely the nicest in Hempstead that I saw. Well-stocked with a good variety, all the produce looked fresh, it was priced well, and it's by far the largest.
I don't know what the interior would've looked like when the store was a Key Food, but the decor we're seeing is very CTown-specific. Returning to our Jamaica Estates post, this store has the same 2010s decor as Fordham Heights (plus others we'll see soon), so the decor was almost definitely installed for CTown, not Key Food.
Seafood on the back wall. Notice that the CTown logo is actually included in the graphics, and clearly not a decal over a Key Food logo.
Frozen foods are in the second-to-last aisle (aisle 10), and dairy in the last (aisle 11).
Deli-bakery-hot food are in the front corner. I must say, my weakness is tres leches cake, and theirs was delicious.
I believe what is now the bakery was Key Food's pharmacy, which has been converted to an in-store bakery.
Now for a look along the front end before we head out...
And now for a trip down to Baldwin, our next stop within the Town of Hempstead!

CTown Supermarkets

445 S Franklin St, Hempstead, NY
Photographed December 2018