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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Fordham Heights

Today's store is one that's been a CTown for many years (since 1981, in fact), but was totally remodeled, inside and outside, in 2017. And it shows -- this store is absolutely beautiful.
Also of note (zoom in to the map above) is the fact that this store nearly touches a Bravo Supermarket, on the back corner. It's possible that they share an owner, but I'm not sure.
This store's layout is nearly identical to the two Food Universe stores we've seen (here and here), with the deli/hot food counter immediately inside the entrance to the right. We follow a right-handed layout through produce in the first double-wide aisle, meats on the back wall, frozen/dairy on the far side, and customer service in the front corner opposite the entrance.
Like the Food Universe stores, it's quite clear that the owners of this store put a lot of work into it, and take pride in it.
Notice that this prepared foods bar also offers soups and salads. Nice!
Lots of fresh baked rolls and bread opposite the deli (backing up to the checkouts), brought in from Santos Bakery just 20 miles away in Newark, NJ.
Here's a quick look at the front end from the produce side of the store. All of the signage we see here is brand new.
And here's our first look at the produce aisle, which is beautiful with new fixtures all around! Except, of course, that Pathmark cart.
I do wonder whether that circular ceiling part in the corner (which I love) is a remnant from some previous department in that corner, or whether it's just an interesting decor element.
One thing that I really appreciate here is the produce signage being hung in the middle of the aisle, rather than being attached to a wall. As you can see, the walls are frequently covered by stacked merchandise, and this sometimes includes the decor on the walls too.
Meat on the back wall, again hanging perpendicular to the wall. Good choice! All of these cases look quite new.
Beautiful grocery aisles too! Check out that floor. And I've always been a fan of this type of shelving, especially when it's black like it is here.
Nonfoods aisle looking a little more cluttered, but still nice.
We're looking here from the front of the store towards the back wall, with still more hanging signage. I love it!
Very attractive (and colorful) aisle markers as well.
And a look across the front-end from the customer service side. I was very impressed with this CTown, and I liked the Bravo around the corner a lot too. (Remember that both CTown and Bravo are affiliated with Krasdale Foods, and it's also possible these two stores share an owner.) Come back tomorrow for that one!

CTown Supermarkets

2276 Creston Ave, Bronx, NY
Open Mon-Thurs 7:30AM-9PM, Fri-Sat 7:30AM-10PM, Sun 7:30AM-8PM
(718) 367-7971
Photographed June 2018