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Streetside Sights & Scenes: Up in Arms

Possibly the largest armory in the world, the Kingsbridge Armory is located at the corner of Kingsbridge Rd and Jerome Ave. But it's visible for many blocks in any direction. You can read more about the building here, and the potential redevelopment here (although this plan has been stuck for years). Personally I'm not a fan of the ice rink proposal, I'd rather the mall anchored by a nice 75,000 square foot Food Bazaar. But do I get to decide such things? No.
You can see the building's hulking mass looming over the other buildings in the distance here. See either of the two links above for better pictures of the building itself. We're going to be moving closer to the building down Kingsbridge Rd over the next few days, seeing a few small grocery stores as we head west.

Photographed June 2018