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Snapshot: Elizabeth Supermarket - Elizabeth, NJ

First off, I've fixed yesterday's post with the video of the ribbon cutting embedded. Now for today's snapshot!

I sometimes firmly believe I am going crazy. I know for a fact I've photographed the Super Supermarket on 1st Ave (albeit just a quick snapshot) and I'm nearly certain it was even up on Flickr. But now I can't find those pictures anywhere and I don't have it listed on my master spreadsheet. Anyhow, luckily I have other Elizabeth content that I can swap in for today!
This grocery store, at 124 W Jersey St, is in that gray space between supermarket and bodega. It's small but seems to have a pretty solid lineup of departments (grocery, deli, meat, frozen, dairy, produce). I've never been inside so I couldn't categorize it for sure.

Photographed January 2019