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Snapshot: Mango Grocery & Meat Market - Kingsbridge Heights

First off, sorry for the late post. By the time I finally got around to writing this post, it was after midnight, so out of habit, I just clicked on the calendar to schedule for the next day at midnight instead of choosing publish now. Anyway, here you go!

Today's snapshot is a corner bodega that's taken the next steps in promoting healthy food in lower income neighborhoods that need it most, partnering with Montefiore Health System's Healthy Store Initiative. The program is designed to bring fresh products and healthier choices into stores that serve as neighborhood convenience shopping stops, rather than big shopping destinations.
The store is located at 101 E 196th St and is that uniquely New York City blend of tiny bodega with full grocery and meat selection.
Definitely a tiny place!
I do like the new facade with the fake wood design. It's a nice contrast to the green awning and the lettering really stands out.
And tomorrow we jump right back into the tours for a look at another CTown!

Photographed June 2018