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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Bedford Park North

We're heading just a block and a half east from yesterday's Fine Fare. But man, does that block and a half feel longer when you're walking through the pouring rain.
This store is a very nice one that changed ownership and was completely renovated in 2016. The renovations included a new awning and windows outside, and all new decor, fixtures, and flooring inside.
You enter on the left side of the store, with deli immediately inside on your left. Produce lines the first aisle with meat on the back wall. In the last aisle, dairy runs along the side wall with frozen facing. Exactly the same layout we've seen many times before!
Another very nice store with some great floors and ceilings!
Looking back towards the entrance (with the deli on the right and checkouts on the left) from produce.
More beautiful greens.
The produce aisle is frequently one of the dirtiest departments, but this one is spotless. Just a little cramped.
Yes, there is some department signage hidden back there!
I like the color-coding of the departments. An easy way to brighten up the store's walls and to allow the customer to easily differentiate between the two.
Dry grocery in the facing aisle.
More aisle markers of questionable color choices, but otherwise very nice aisle. (That's the Bravo on Grand Concourse, which I believe is the same owners as this store.)
Beautifully stocked shelves!
I really like the flooring again here, it really makes a big difference.
Meats on the back wall.
Frozen and dairy looking pretty darn upscale here in the last aisle!
Offices and customer service are in the corner at the front of this aisle.
Looking across the front end to a randomly-placed ATM and phone card machine. Notice that even in front of the office there is shelving, there is no wasted space here at all!
And a look at the front of produce and the deli before we head out and see the good ol' CTown van...
Nice van... but what's that?
WHY THE )@(#*(*!)">:? DO THEY KEEP MAKING THIS MISTAKE? We've seen it before, at a store with completely different owners, earlier in this group. Those words really aren't similar enough to keep confusing them like this. It's pretty funny but at the same time it's pretty embarrassing. Anyway, I still liked the store! And we're coming down to the last week and a half or so here, so we'll be wrapping up soon and moving on to something new and exciting.

CTown Supermarkets

264 E 204th St, Bronx, NY
Open Mon-Sat 8AM-9PM, Sun 8AM-7PM
(718) 295-2433
Photographed June 2018


  1. "Serpermerkerts for serving"

  2. We are suspecting, then that this isn't an intentional change? Using their slogan, but changing it to serving since the van is for deliveries to serve the customers?

    1. I'm assuming it's not, mostly because that theory doesn't exactly explain why the slogan was plastered across the storefront of the other location on University Ave.


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