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TOUR: Super Foodtown - Hemsptead, NY

Originally a CVS and later an Associated by 2016, this store was converted to a Super Foodtown in 2018. The 10,000 square foot space feels remarkably spacious, as it's been opened up with high ceilings and lots of selection.
"But Zachary," you're saying, "why did you put the same picture twice?" Look again, buddy. Anyway, produce and seafood are in the first aisle, with meats lining the back wall. Frozen takes up the second-to-last aisle, with dairy in the last. Deli and customer service are on the front wall. There are eight aisles in total here.
Even though the space is relatively small, it's very spacious and bright. It's also beautiful, because it's all so new.
The seafood department, which may not have been part of the store originally, takes up the back corner at the end of the produce department.
Well-stocked, tall, and narrow grocery aisles.
All the fixtures you see are brand-new, because the store was not previously a supermarket. Modern and very tasteful decor, too.
Frozen foods run along the back wall and then continue down the second to last aisle.
And dairy lines both sides of the last aisle.
Deli and customer service in the front corner. I love the pipe going through the "D" in Deli!
And wrapping up with a look across the front end! We have one more store tour before we head out of central Hempstead which we will see tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Super Foodtown of Hempstead

301 Jerusalem Ave, Hempstead, NY
Photographed December 2018