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TOUR: Key Food Marketplace - Garden City, NY

Now for our first tour of the Hempstead group. This store is located right downtown in Garden City, with another grocery store we'll see tomorrow on The Independent Edition directly across the street. It's owned by Anthony Bileddo, who also owns a Key Food in Brooklyn.
Produce runs along the front of the store (in what is basically the first aisle), with checkouts lining the side wall. There's an entrance and exit on the front and back, as there is a large municipal parking lot behind the store. Deli and seafood are on the wall facing produce, with dairy then in the first aisle. Frozen foods line the last aisle.
The interior is quite attractive, though it is slightly older. And the perishables selection is top-notch for a store that's only 9500 square feet.
Deli and seafood face the produce aisle, with some very nice displays. The decor is not something I've seen in any store before, and I'd estimate it dates back to somewhere around 2000.
A small seafood counter follows the deli. These service counters are on the back wall of the store, and the wall we see in the "fresh market produce" pictures actually has the rest of the grocery store behind it.
Dairy lines the first aisle (what's really the second aisle, if produce/deli/seafood is in the first).
These aisle markers are custom for Key Food, as far as I can tell. Now the grocery shelving does have A&P/Waldbaum's styled toppers (see here, and you can tour that full store here), but I think that's more coincidence or even secondhand fixtures from a closed or renovated store than a sign that this was an A&P-owned store previously.
The grocery aisles kind of start to show the store's age, but they are well maintained and very nicely stocked.
Frozen foods line the back wall of the store.
Five checkouts along the side wall. I think beer is also on this wall, but I don't remember whether it's on the produce or the frozen side of the store.
And that is all! Next we're crossing the street over to the Natural Market, which is hardly 100 feet away. We'll see it's a very different experience, with a very different selection. Stay tuned!

Key Food Marketplace

153-157 7th St, Garden City, NY
Photographed December 2018